Polarity Physiotherapy Center: A Place of Fitness, Rehabilitation and Relaxation

Body pains are so common nowadays. No matter what age, gender or level of physical activity we’re into, we all have certain spots in our body that need attending to. Our go-to remedies are usually massages and various spa treatments, but I recently discovered a better remedy to these pesky body pains!

I’ve been hearing about physiotherapy a lot, so I was excited to try out Polarity Wellness Center in Quezon City when I got the chance. I was even more excited when I found out that they also offer functional training! In my mind, I was like, “yay! Another gym to try out” haha!


I did a Google search on physiotherapy and checked out the list of services offered by Polarity, but I also decided to email them to enumerate the pains I’ve been having and to ask which treatments would be best for me. Patrick, the person I was corresponding with through email, was very helpful and accommodated all of my questions. Right away, Polarity didn’t feel like a place where I’d feel intimidated because they let you know right away that they cater to everyone.

They have services from sports injuries to problems like scoliosis to simple yet annoying problems like back pains stemming from being hunched over a laptop too much! Regardless of whether you’re an athlete, a workaholic or just an unlucky person with physical pains, though; they are more than ready to address your needs.


The wellness center is not a daunting place. It could actually pass for a spa – just with modern, more industrial architecture. The place is simple and big enough, has nice interiors and is very clean. The staff is friendly, too, and I didn’t have to wait long for my physiotherapist.

Though I didn’t have to wait long, the reception area was super comfortable to wait in.

Kriska, the physiotherapist assigned to me, is really friendly and answered all of my inquiries. She was also quite honest with me from the start and informed me that the procedure might be painful for me. This was something that I liked about my experience with Polarity because it allowed me to compose myself before the MFR. Knowing what to expect is also very important, especially when there is pain involved, no matter how minimal!

I’m actually not that good with technical terms in science and medicine, so there were many times when I asked “huh?” or “what’s that?” haha! Fortunately, Kriska was kind enough to explain everything to me in a way that I could fully understand.


Myofascial Release

After interviewing me about the kind of pains I experienced, Kriska recommended the Myofascial Release procedure. Here are the key points that she explained before and during my treatment:

1. Before beginning the procedure, Kriska assessed my body and posture (how I sit, how I stand, etc)

2. Unlike in massages, where the whole body is massaged, Kriska only attended to the areas where I was experiencing pain. Before starting, she felt for areas that could be causing the pains (for instance, she attributed my back pains to my long periods of sitting so she checked my butt area for parts that could be causing pain).

3. Instead of kneading me like in a massage, she applied pressure to certain areas for several minutes. This was, in truth, the painful part; but once the pressure was released, it felt perfectly okay afterwards. Fingers, hands and even elbows are used to apply pressure on the body.

4. My understanding of why pressure was applied was that because certain areas of my body were stressed, those parts hardened and caused pains in other body parts (like my back and neck). The pressure was applied in a timely manner to release the tension.

My physiotherapist was really understanding about my low pain tolerance and constantly asked me if it was too painful for me. Though there really was pain at first, I found the procedure to be somewhat relaxing as well. Also, they told me initially that clients usually felt good afterwards and I was actually skeptical about that but when I got in the car afterwards, I felt so relaxed! Despite the initial pain, I probably would have dozed off a little during the session if I wasn’t so talkative! Haha.

Where the functional training is held.

Aside from pain remedying services like MFR, Polarity also caters to those who want to get or stay fit! They have a well-equipped gym area for functional training, and their therapists are knowledgeable enough with functional training. This is a bonus for me since I think it’s better to get trained by people who know how the human body operates. This way, we can avoid injuries as much as possible and get the most out of our workouts!

Another bonus in Polarity are the spa-like rooms. Each comes with massage beds and air conditioning (perfect for the current Manila heat!). They also have a deluxe room of sorts that even has a couch, its own private washroom and a television set! My therapist told me that this was suitable for those who get functional training and a Myofascial release in one day.



If you want to try out Myofascial Release or any type of Physiotherapy or manual/physical rehabilitation, I suggest you try them at Polarity! The place is nice and clean and is staffed with licensed physiotherapists who come from good schools and have attended various programs to enhance their knowledge. They know what they are talking about and can explain the services and their benefits to even the most science/medicine confused person (aka me).

Also, so many aspects of our lives are extremely tiring or stressful nowadays (the heat, traffic, pollution, academics, work, etc) so what better place to take care of your body through exercise and proper rehabilitation than Polarity Wellness Center, a place where you can get fit and get rid of your pains properly and safely.

The staff and therapists of Polarity


The center is relatively new, so watch out for more exciting stuff from them – during the day of my visit, construction was ongoing for an extension of their gym plus an area for group classes like yoga or maybe even zumba! I can’t wait! Check out this article by a fellow When In Manila contributor for more information about the center and for more pictures!

Note: At the time this article was written, the gym at the back of the studio was still under construction, but now it’s already open – something to look forward to in future visits!

Polarity Physiotherapy Center

#47 Examiner St., Brgy. West Triangle, Quezon City

(02)799 2700 / +63977 692 1380