Polarity Physiotherapy Center: Prevent Injuries and Ease Body Pains the Safe (and Scientific) Way

When it comes to back, neck & shoulder, and other types of body pain, most people’s go-to is the spa.

There’s no discomfort that a massage can’t get rid of. A 45-minute session should be enough to rejuvenate and make you feel like your old self.

But most of the time, body pains like these persist and make it hard for you to concentrate on work and other activities.

When this happens, the usual massage sessions won’t work because there could be an underlying cause for your discomfort and pain. That’s why you’ll need to seek professional medical help.

This is where physiotherapy could be helpful.

What is physiotherapy?

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Medical News Today simply defines physiotherapy as “a branch of rehabilitative medicine aimed at helping patients maintain, recover, or improve their physical abilities.”

Physiotherapists help treat pain and injury(even diseases) through physical means, like putting pressure on a certain body part and massage to loosen up tight muscles.

Physiotherapy is a foreign term to me until one afternoon when I visited Polarity Physiotherapy Center in Quezon City for a Myofascial Release session.

As a semi-active guy, I experience body pains that could linger for days. And I often disregard them, thinking they’re normal.

Just like this knee pain I’ve had for quite a while.

It wasn’t until Quiolo, one of their best physical therapists, explained to me the cause, did I realize it’s something more than a simple pain.

I knew right away that coming in was a very good decision because I finally learned what’s bugging me for so long. More importantly, I knew what I needed to do.

He explained how the pain is caused by tight muscles, and that it’s connected to my anterior pelvis, which also affects my current posture.

Our therapy session lasted for about an hour and I can say that there’s an immediate effect because I felt the muscles around my left loosen and there was a slight sore feeling, which, I was told, was normal.

A newcomer

Polarity 11

Polarity is relatively new.

It officially started accepting clients in November 2015. It’s located at 47 Examiner St., Brgy. West Triangle, Quezon City and is open Tuesdays to Fridays, from 8 am to 8 pm.

Polarity’s location makes it very accessible to everyone.

Polarity 13

It has a very homey appeal. In fact, you’ll feel like walking inside a friend’s house.

polarity lobby

I was greeted by the friendly receptionist and asked to stay in this cozy red-bricked wall room. The floor-to-ceiling glass windows brought natural light into the room.

Polarity 4

Physiotherapy center & gallery

One of the noticeable things when inside Polarity is the collection of framed photos displayed on the walls. That’s because it also serves as a gallery for one of the family members, Lance, who is a professional photographer.

In case you’re into landscape portraits, you’re free to purchase any of the works on display.

Cool idea, right?

polarity wall

If you come in for a therapy session and liked any of the photos you see there, just let the staff know.

Polarity 15

You can also find them inside the rooms where they perform the therapy sessions. These beautiful snapshots of various places in the world add more appeal to the already relaxing rooms.

A tour of the facility

There are 8 rooms in total. One’s a VIP room that is more spacious and resembles a hotel room. The massage table, which looks more like a very comfortable bed, is draped in soft sheets.

Polarity 6

There’s a cushioned seat and lamp on the side. It has its own comfort room and–you’ll love this one–a flat screen TV.

You might want to remind yourself that you’re inside a therapy facility and not a hotel room. 🙂

Polarity 8

I wouldn’t be surprised if you asked to stay longer after your session because their rooms are just so nice. Each one has ample natural lighting that peeks through the glass windows. And the temperature is always just right.

Polarity 12

Even the basic rooms look like an upgraded version of my bedroom.

Polarity 7

Don’t be surprised to see a gym inside the facility. This is because they also offer functional training to clients.

Polarity 2

It’s not as spacious as most gyms but what’s great about it is the exclusivity it offers.

You can enjoy privacy while getting fitness training that’s backed by science, which is ideal for those who just finished rehabilitation for injuries and other conditions.

Polarity 3

Future plans

The owners have great plans for Polarity. They want it to become the premiere physiotherapy facility in the country. And from the looks of it, based on the quality of service they offer, it’s not too far-fetched.

They employ an impressive group of licensed physical therapists (most are US-licensed). These young PTs know exactly what you need; they have the knowledge, skill, and, most importantly, the interpersonal skills needed to deal with clients.

I find them very accommodating. They’re really nice and will always ensure you’re comfortable even when you’re already done with the session.

And because this is a breed of young professionals, you are assured that they are updated with the latest in physiotherapy.

Polarity 1

They’re currently adding one more component to their facility.

At the back of the main building is the site for their dance studio, where clients can have a more private session, according to one of the PTs.


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My experience with Polarity Physiotherapy Center has been great and it’s something I am keen to having again.

Check out a fellow writer’s Polarity experience here.

You, too, can enjoy the benefits of physiotherapy through these services:

  • Myofascial release
  • Manual physiotherapy
  • Functional training
  • Physical rehabilitation

Polarity Physiotherapy Center

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