Pokemon GO Currently Blocked in the Philippines

I’ve been waiting for Pokemon GO to be available since September 2015, so imagine my surprise when it launched yesterday while I was traveling around Tokyo. I excitedly whipped out my iPhone to download it myself, thinking the Pokemon might be more commonly found here in Tokyo where they were made – haha – but it turns out it wasn’t available in the Philippine store yet. Dejected, I toured the city Pokemon-free instead.

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The next time I checked my phone, however, friends from the Philippines were spamming my social media timelines with their own Pokemon GO experiences and I didn’t quite understand how. After asking around, it turns out some of them faked Australian accounts, while still others downloaded them for their Androids from another site.


12 hours later, though, Niantic and Pokemon caught on and bam: blocked the Philippines along with other countries that were not yet meant to download the app. 🙁

Don’t worry, though, guys. There’s no need to be depressed (though I’m loving your hugot statuses!) as Pokemon GO will be available in the Philippines soon enough. Kapit lang, beh. Dadating din yan. Sa tamang panahon.