Pokemon GO: Catch Pokemon in the Real World!

Do you love Pokemon or did you at least love it as a child? Watching Ash and his friends catch Pokemon on TV and watching them battle it out was a big part of my tween years, and actually catching Pokemon myself until I caught them all was a big part of my video-gaming years. Okay, fine, so I still play on Nintendo 3DS now. I hope some of you do, too.

As such, I am super excited for this all-new Pokemon experience that is apparently coming to iOS and Android devices in 2016! It’s hard to explain how it will work, so watch this video instead:


The description of the video says Pokemon GO will open a universe of Pokemon in the real world where we can find, catch, trade, and battle on our iPhone or Android devices with the help of real location information. I have a feeling this will make me late for my meetings. It might make me get out of the bus/train/car if I ever find myself stuck in traffic and my phone suddenly spots a Pokemon nearby. #YOLO

What do you think of this? Are you as excited about this as we are? 🙂