Pista Food Hall: Feast On Unli-Crabs and More

Words by Desa Desiree Tayting (@dsdsrtytng) / Photos by Mielyne Rayos

When it comes to Baclaran, I can’t help but associate it with the words, “murang bilihin”, traffic, haggard, “pawis“, “siksikan“, busy, hustle, “nakakagutom“, sometimes “nakakastress“; but it all changed after I discovered Pista Food Hall! Aside from the cheap items sold around the area and the famous church nearby, I now have something to look forward to every time I visit the place.

Pista Food Hall - Mielyne (1)

The leaves on the logo represents the seven stalls of the food hall.

Who would have thought that in the middle of the hustling and bustling streets of Baclaran lies this comfy, clean and affordable diner ideal for family and groups? Pista Food Hall, a new restaurant in the heart of Redemptorist Road, offers an eat-all-you-can buffet, unlimited crabs and fried lechon aka pritchon, plus more Filipino dishes at affordable prices!

A for effort as it may seem, you need to go up to the 5th floor of  Victory Food Mall – a newly-opened food mall, a few steps away from the church. But don’t worry! Elevators are available and the place is definitely worth it!

Pista Food Hall - Mielyne (22)

Reaching the place is like a breath of fresh air. Their friendly and smiling staff will welcome you; and the rustic, modern Filipino interiors will remind you of home. The chairs and tables are mostly accented with pastel colors, and there is a dose of greens around the place, as well as literally “cool” ceiling fans. Get ready your Instagram cameras!

Pista Food Hall has seven stalls, as follows:

Pista Food Hall - Mielyne (26)

Pista Food Hall - Mielyne (27)

The faces of Pista Food Hall: the stalls

Balai Kubo, which sounds like Bahay Kubo (yes, the legendary Filipino song about vegetables), is your stall to go to for your salad and veggie fix. It’s currently being renovated, though, so watch out for it in the future.

Mangkok is the stall to go to if you’re craving for Kare-Kare, Caldereta, Callos, Pochero, Binagoongan and other favorite Pinoy dishes.

Pista Food Hall - Mielyne (18)

The best part? They serve Angus Beef Kare-Kare for only Php220!

Litsonero is sure to become everybody’s favorite! Get your lechon fix in ways that you’ll love: fried, paksiw, asado and more at around Php80 to Php199 – family-sized! The best part is the heavenly good fried lechon aka Pritchon.
Pista Food Hall - Mielyne (14)

Pritchon goes with the unli-crabs for Php699. 

Ihaw is where you’ll find your favorite Pinoy skewers, including isaw, bilog, tenga, isol, betamax, tokwa, and sizzlers like Pork Sisig and Burger Steak. Prices range from Php20 to Php160. The best dishes? The intriguing Sizzling Litchon Sinigang and Sizzling Beef Bulalo!

Pista Food Hall - Mielyne (5)

The iconic barbeque starts at Php20 a stick. 

Pista Food Hall - Mielyne (12)

 Sizzling Beef Bulalo – Php190

Enjoy Bulalo with the same elements like corn, meat, potato and other veggies… but on a sizzling plate!

Pista Food Hall - Mielyne (19)

 The Sizzling Litson Sinigang is a must-try – Php180 

Have you ever seen Sinigang like this? It will definitely give you the same ‘kilig’ , but this one has pritchon and fried veggies in thick brown sauce.

Pista Food Hall - Mielyne (16)

Prices start at Php20 a stick

Kalye Kainan is your to-go place if you’re craving for street food like Chicken Skin, Calamares, Dynamite, Fishball, Kikiam, Kwek-kwek and Chickenballs.  The best part? The vinegar dip and sweet and spicy dip go perfectly with all of them.

Higop is where you can get a good taste of Filipino soup-based dishes! What caught my attention was Bulalo Sa Itim, a dish from Zamboanga.

Pista Food Hall - Mielyne (7)

Bulalo Sa Itim – Php390, good for four people

I’ve been a fan of Bulalo ever since, and this one got me especially curious. Fortunately, it did not disappoint! What makes it black, by the way, is the burned coconut used as one of its main ingredients.

Last, but definitely not the least, Fresh Seafood Paluto is the biggest stall among all and is said to be the most visited stall in Pista. Your cravings for crabs in different sauces will really be satisfied here! The crabs are freshly delivered from Pampanga and Bulacan and they’re surprisingly big!

The best part? They offer unli-crabs and pritchon for only Php699! This includes unlimited side dishes or rice and unlimited pineapple juice, too. This is available all day on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. For Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays, you get to enjoy CRAB-ALL-YOU-CAN at Php588 and upgrade it to unli crabs plus buffet for Php699.

Pista Food Hall - Mielyne (3)

Welcome to a feast!

Pista Food Hall - Mielyne (10)

Crabs in chili garlic make us drool!

Still on their soft opening, Pista Food Hall promises more things to be excited about in the next few months. Take note that they also have a buffet for only Php348 and solo meals for as low as Php99 (and that’s with unli rice!).

No matter who you want bring with you, this is the perfect place to go. Visit them from 10am-10pm and feast on your favorite Filipino food!

Pista Food Hall

5th Floor, Victory Food Market Mall, Redemptorist Road, Baclaran, Parañaque