Pine-Sol All-Around Home Cleaner: Make The Best of Your Time

Everyone is always on the go in Manila and we rarely pump the breaks to smell the flowers and just enjoy the things that take our breath away.

pine sol me time

Studies show that meditating and listening to music are proven to effectively lessen our anxieties.  Even though I hardly meditate, music keeps me calm and more creative.

Fortunately, Pine-Sol gave a group of moms who are always on the go a chance to stop the paper chase and focus on finding our center again.

Pine-Sol Yoga

One important reason why I love doing Yoga is the flexibility for me to rethink and reassess life. It prevents me from going postal! 🙂

Pine-Sol me time

We did a beginner’s course and it was perfect! Everyone enjoyed the class!

Pine Sol Me time

Our Yoga instructor, Joanne Santos, also resonated with our stories on how we creatively embrace motherhood and womanhood.

Pine-Sol Yoga

Le Spa Sofitel was our Yoga studio for the day.

Pine-Sol me time

Director of Marketing for Clorox International Philippines Inc., Tisha De Veyra, knows that a woman’s work is endless. As such, she thought up this event to relieve our senses through a short yet sweet me-time. Surprisingly enough, most of us find cooking, washing, and bathing a quick escape from reality!

Pine Sol me time

After our yoga session, we dressed up to prepare for a sumptuous buffet lunch and meaningful talk about health and wellness.

Pine Sol me time

Nutritionist Agnes Tumaneng RND explained the importance of measuring the recommended daily calorie intake. According to her, calorie intake differs from one person to the next. For example, if you are overweight and have a sedentary lifestyle, you should start with a diet of 1,600 calories a day.

pine sol me time

This is why we had a light yet filling meal with Vietnamese rolls, salmon canapes, California maki, salad, desserts, and spaghetti (not in the picture). However, this didn’t stop me from enjoying the food! I was like, “calories, what calories?”

Pine-Sol savor my me time

The next topic was detoxification. It may sound complicated but Vietura’s Aesthetic Doctor, Dr. Jade Cada, debunked all the myths behind it.  While the old way of cleansing (enema or labatiba in Tagalog) is still practiced, a healthy dietary intake is still the best and most affordable alternative. An example of which is a fresh salad or fresh juices. Detoxification helps remove impurities in the blood, helps improve blood circulation, and is the best way to achieve glowing skin.

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