Taking the Juice Cleanse Challenge with Detoxify Bar

When In Manila, there are a lot of delicious food all over! The greasier they are, the more delicious they also often get. Thing is, these food, though mouth-watering and all, aren’t really too healthy for our body. Eating food like this on a daily basis can be very dangerous to our bodies. That’s why I strongly urge each and everyone of you to take the juice cleanse challenge and start living a healthier lifestyle.

What is Juice Cleansing?

Late last year (2013), I noticed how more and more people have started living a healthier lifestyle. They’ve all taken small steps like switching from white rice to black rice, eating more fruits and veggies, and simply drinking more water. Moreover, juicing and juice cleanses started to trend. So what are the benefits of juice cleansing anyway? I won’t pretend to know it all, but according to the experts I’ve spoken to, juicing helps cleanse the colon and helps regain loss nutrients and nourish our body which in turn makes us sleep better, makes our skin more radiant, gives us more energy, etc. That said, why wouldn’t you try juicing right? It’s healthy to drink at least one glass of juice per day, it’s even healthier to go on a juice cleanse at least once every quarter.



My 3-day Juice Cleanse with Detoxify Bar

This was it.. after hearing all about juicing and learning about its benefits, it was time for me to take the 3 day challenge. No solid food for 3 days… nothing but JUICE. Whoooo!!!

After you’ve decided to take the challenge, you simply need to order your juices through the Detoxify Bar website. You can order juices of your choice as each juice has its own benefit (more on that later). Once your order is complete, simply schedule your dates and deposit your payment. Your juices will be sent to you the day before you’re supposed to take them – to ensure that the juices are always fresh and at its best.


Oh and did I mention you get that cool Detoxify Bar bag cooler with every order? NICE! Soo… what about the juices and how does the detox work anyway? Each day, you will be sent 5 bottles of juice with 2 bags of tea. You’re supposed to drink 1 bottle of juice for every meal – breakfast, brunch, lunch, merienda and dinner. The Everyday Detox Tea should be drank for lunch while the Smooth Move tea is a laxative which you should drink before going to bed.  At the moment, Detoxify Bar only has 5-6 kinds of juices and is continuously coming up with new juices as often as they can!

Back to the Juice Cleanse experience! By now, you already know why juicing is healthy and good for the body. So let me share my personal experience as I took the Detoxify Bar Juice Cleanse Challenge. The pre-cleanse I guess was the most difficult for me. Prior to the cleanse, you have to begin eating light and prepare your body. It was difficult because technically, I wasn’t really doing the cleanse yet, and so my mind kept telling me to eat that greasy, juicy burger!

Detoxify Bar When in Manila Mae Ilagan Frank Ruaya (3 of 13) Detoxify Bar When in Manila Mae Ilagan Frank Ruaya (7 of 13)

As for the 3 day cleanse itself, I felt really really good for the entire 3 days. I wasn’t stuffed nor bloated, and I felt light, like I was losing weight. Some people say the juice cleanse make them feel light headed. The light headedness is actually caused by all the toxins leaving the body! So if you don’t feel light headed during your cleanse, it probably means you don’t have that many toxins. Also, don’t worry about staying home in those 3 days, you’re perfectly fine to go out! You can even do a light exercise while on the cleanse, just order more of the red vegan detox to replenish your energy.

Detoxify Bar When in Manila Mae Ilagan Frank Ruaya (13 of 13)

 Detoxiy Bar Juice Cleanse: Weight Loss

Before I continue, let me just set the record straight. A lot of people try different kind of cleanses with weight loss as their goal. The truth is, you MIGHT lose a little weight during the cleanse, but it’s not always entirely true. You see, our body stores most of the unwanted toxins in our fat cells. So when we do a cleanse, we get rid of all these toxins as well as SOME fat cells. Your goal for doing a juice cleanse should be more about CLEANSING YOUR BODY and making sure it is once again able to function at its best.

Each drink was created for a particular use. Some to energize, others to help with focus, etc. Continue reading to the next page to learn all about each drink’s purpose.


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