Happy Diet Delivery: Making Healthy Eating Fun for Everyone!


Chicken meatloaf for breakfast and my ebook


Happy Diet Delivery: Making Healthy Eating Fun for Everyone!

One of my top resolutions for 2015 is to make better diet choices, and manage a healthier lifestyle. I thought I’d kickstart this goal by trying out a diet delivery program to keep my eating habits in check without the hassle of researching and preparing my own meals (considering I have zero knowledge and hardly have the time to cook.)


Happy Diet-When-in-manila-dec 3

 Breakfast: healthy biko with mango, Lunch: healthy pinayahang manok, Dinner: healthy beef with mushroom, plus a ponkan and peanuts for snacks


Happy Diet-When-in-manila-dec 5

I love their healthy versions of the usual “ulam”


Fellow WIM writer Joanne, who was also on the lookout for healthy meal delivery services, suggested I try Happy Diet Delivery to get me started on my latest diet goal. Having recently emerged from terrible stomach flu the week before, I was quite apprehensive about going on a meal program with my tummy still in a delicate state. But after realizing that I would be getting organic food that isn’t likely to upset my stomach, I decided to go for it.



From Happy Diet Delivery’s  Instagram page: @happydietdelivery


Happy Diet Delivery’s goal is to serve their clients with healthy and organic dishes, five days a week. In doing so, they’ve helped me ease through the shift to healthier eating habits with controlled meal portions that are sparsely seasoned yet satisfying. I’ve found Happy Diet Delivery to be perfect for my recuperating tummy. I’ll be honest and say that their meals taste nothing like the heavily flavorful dishes I’m used to, but what their meals lack taste-wise, they make up for in the combination of textures and creative meal ideas that are all adequately filling. I also like that most of their lunch and dinner meals include rice, and that all deliveries come complete with snacks and a bag of green tea.


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Breakfast: healthy chicken meatloaf, Lunch: healthy banana chicken, Dinner: healthy salad, with cereals and malunggay corn snacks


Happy Diet-When-in-manila-dec 4

Have a happy diet!


The bottom line is, making the switch to eating healthier is not going to be easy. It would involve cutting back on beloved favorites like fast food and sweets, and swapping it for balanced meals that are lean and green. As I recovered from my stomach flu, I started craving for my usual fast food fix, and sticking to my diet plan got more and more challenging, but I’m glad to have stuck with it for the entire 5-day period. Happy Diet Delivery sure made my first healthy eating experience a pleasant one; their carefully prepared meals made it easier for me to adjust to a stricter diet plan. After realizing I was capable of such a feat, I just might try to take on healthy eating on my own in the near future.




Happy Diet Delivery




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Happy Diet Delivery: Making Healthy Eating Fun for Everyone!