~Php 50 Iced Tea-Inspired Sneakers Will Be Sold For 200x Its Original Price

If you can remember, the release of the $0.99 (around Php 50) iced tea-inspired sneaker was canceled due to the uncontrollable crowd. The very cheap price tag was just too good to sleep on. In effect, not a single pair was sold.

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But what happens now? While some people hoped that the organizers will hold another event with tighter security, they have decided to just increase the price, to some fans’ dismay. The original SRP of $0.99 (around Php 50) shot up to $200 (around Php10,000) per shoe. That’s 200x more than what it was supposed to retail!

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There is no word yet regarding the date of the relaunch but they are hoping that the higher price tag will help keep the crowd at bay.

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