Iced Tea-inspired Sneakers Event Shutdown Due to Uncontrollable Crowd

When hyped pieces of clothing drop, it’s only normal for people to line up for hours just to get their hands on a piece. Take for example, when sneakerheads lined up for hours for a pair of Yeezy boosts. Or when irate customers caused a stampede during a t-shirt collection’s release. But what happens when a hyped pair of sneaks with a $0.99 price tag drops?

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Chaos ensued during the drop of the $0.99 iced tea-inspired collection. With the safety of the customers in mind, the organizers were prompted to shut down the event with help from local authorities.

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Reports say that a few of the attendees were injured due to the uncontrollable crowd. Due to the shutdown, not a single pair was sold. It is yet to be announced whether the pop-up will be postponed to another day so stay tuned for more updates!

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