PHOTOS: Elderly Passenger Rides at Entrance of Jeepney

In some point in our life, we have commuted via public transportation. If you’ve taken a bus, a train, or a jeepney, you will notice that there are dedicated seats intended for the pregnant, person with disability, and elderly.

When you encounter them when taking the public transport, what is your initial instinct?

Do you give up your good seat? Or do you just look the other way as if you didn’t see them?

In this regard, a netizen posted the following photos showing an elderly passenger riding at the entrance of a jeepney. She is seated on the floor, right by the door.

Lola Entrance Jeepney (2) Lola Entrance Jeepney (3) Lola Entrance Jeepney (4) Lola Entrance Jeepney (1)

We are not sure if the passengers offered their seats and lola declined. Still, it’s somewhat disheartening.

If she was your  lola, how would you feel about it? What would you have done?

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