Phoenix, The Cat Burned Alive, Passes Away

A few days ago, we posted the story of Phoenix – a cat burned alive and left to die along the streets of Tondo, Manila. The story quickly attracted a lot of animal lovers not just in the Philippines but all over the world. People started donating and raising funds, all just wanting to give this abused kitty another chance to live.

Several suggested to put her down, however, vets share that she was still fighting. If she wasn’t giving up, neither were they. Unfortunately, earlier today, Phoenix lost her battle. Though doctors tried their best to revive her, they eventually sensed that she too was tired, and it was indeed time for her to rest.

Run Free Phoenix

The Philippe Animal Rescue Team (P.A.R.T.) posted this message on their Facebook wall earlier today.

“We struggled this morning to find ways to soften the blow, if that’s even possible, as we make this announcement because so many of you are pulling for her.

So it is with profound sadness that we announce the passing of Phoenix. She went into respiratory arrest and we did try to revive her but when it proved to be unsuccessful, we knew it’s what she wanted this time.

So many of you from all over the world fought alongside her. You sent us loving notes cheering her on and willing her to fight. We saw a glimmer of hope when she stood up and took a couple of steps. Phoenix fought hard and strong but it seems there are other plans for her at the Rainbow Bridge. We’re going to be a little selfish in saying that we’d rather have her here, but, alas, that’s not a decision for us to make. The night sky will be a little brighter as Phoenix shines and watches over us, forever grateful to have felt love and kindness.

All of us here at PART were looking forward to bringing her home to the sanctuary. We couldn’t wait for her to get well so we could show her just how much she is loved. That not all humans are bad. We wanted her to find her happily ever after. We won’t get that chance now. Words can’t express just how heartbroken we are. We are so sorry that we failed her.

We put together a short video in loving memory of our Phoenix who touched many hearts in her short time with us.

We would like to thank our vet, Dr. Mayem Yao, and her staff at Pendragon Veterinary Clinic for doing everything they could to save Phoenix.

Thank you to Charlene Darca Cuevas for hearing her cry for help and doing the right thing by rescuing her.

And our heartfelt thanks to everyone in all corners of the world for the overwhelming love and support you gave to Phoenix. Thank you for letting her know that her life mattered. If love could have saved her, she would have lived forever.

Rest in Peace, Phoenix.”

You left a memory no one can steal.
You left a heartache no one can heal.


I couldn’t help but cry upon watching the video. As mentioned before… NO ONE – not human nor animal – deserves this kind of abuse. To those wondering where all the donations are going, P.A.R.T. is using it to help other cats and dogs get better. Here are some of the names of other animal you are helping if you donated any small amount.

Donations received above and beyond her final bill will go towards the medical care for the following animals:


  • Jimmy – UTI (needs long term confinement)
  • Mama Tux – Hernia (needs surgery)
  • Etta – Hernia (needs surgery)


  • Remo – Hernia (needs surgery)
  • Bugsy – Skin disorder (needs long term treatment)
  • Tim – Parvo/ Distemper (rescued 05/27/15, needs treatment and long term confinement)
  • Moggy – Parvo/Distemper (rescued 05/27/15, needs treatment and long term confinement)
  • Neo – Distemper and possible kidney and live damage (rescued 05/30/15, has not been posted on our page, no donations received, needs treatment and long term confinement)
  • Iska – lump on breast (needs surgery)
  • Gelie – lump on breast (needs surgery)

If you would like to continue helping out these helpless creatures, please visit the Philippine Animal Rescue Team’s Facebook page.

In behalf of Phoenix, the doctors, and all the other animals, I would like to thank everyone who donated and shared her story. At least, for even just a few days, she felt love and kindness.