Cat Burned Alive and Left to Die Needs Your Help

When In Manila, there are a lot of stray cats and dogs roaming around the streets. Though we understand that not everyone loves animal, we also feel that it is important to at least respect any living creature.

I personally LOVE animals. I have 6 puspins (pusang pinoy), all of whom were found alone and scared somewhere in Manila and brought home to live with us. So when I see animals being maltreated, it really gets me overwhelmed with rage and sadness. The children, the elderly and even the animals all have the right to live. If we can’t love them or give them the support they need, we can at least respect them and help them in whatever small way possible.

THIS is the story of Phoenix… (as posted on Cat Care Philippines)

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Rough English translation:

“I need help. I was just supposed to take the trash out this morning when I saw a cat by the waste bin whom I thought was covered in mud. I thought of going back for it, I just needed to get an old shirt first. After I brought her home and gave her a bath, I wondered as it seemed it wasn’t mud that was wrapped around her. She kept crying. To my surprise, it wasn’t mud all along. It was her fur that was already charcoal in color. This kitty wasn’t wet from mud, I think it was burned alive and is in really bad shape. I couldn’t shell out money ‘coz I just bought medicine for my 3 dogs. Please, if anyone can help…”



Animal lovers and animal welfare groups immediately picked up this story and joined forces to help save Phoenix. No one – not human nor animal – deserves to be treated this way. Ms. Weng Szr of Philippine Animal Rescue Team (P.A.R.T.) quickly took Phoenix in and brought her to the vet. However, Phoenix needs our help and donations to be able to get the medical care she needs. She’s fighting for her life… let’s fight with her.


Watch Phoenix’s story here:


Update on Phoenix as posted by P.A.R.T.

She was found by a good Samaritan in a pile of garbage. She initially thought that the cat was just covered in caked-on mud but after a closer look and hearing the cat cry out in pain when she picked her up to clean her, she realized that the cat was badly charred. It is suspected that Phoenix was intentionally burned alive, thrown in a pile of garbage, and left to die. How she managed to survive is a mystery but it shows how brave she is and her will to survive.

Phoenix suffered second degree burns on her face and body that have partially healed by the time she was found as the burns look to be between 5 days old to a week old. Second degree burns involve the deeper layers of skin and produces redness, swelling, and blisters on the skin surface. They are painful, at risk of infection, and takes longer to heal. To help with faster healing, ointment is applied on her burns twice a day. Not an easy task because it’s painful for her whenever and wherever she is touched. The tip of her ears were burnt to a crisp, it’s almost as if they will fall off if touched. She is on painkillers and anti-inflammatory to minimize pain and discomfort as much as possible. She is also on antibiotics to fight off the secondary infection, and is on a nebulizer every four hours to help treat her respiratory infection.

Phoenix is also blind in both eyes, possibly due to the way her eyelids healed and attached itself to her eyeballs. Most likely due to the pain, Phoenix is not eating so she is being given fluid therapy. Her fluid intake and electrolyte imbalance, which could pose a potential risk, are also being monitored.

On behalf of Phoenix, we would like to thank our wonderful partner vet and her staff at Pedragon for providing her the best care possible. Thank you also to those who have donated so that Phoenix can get the care she desperately needs and deserves. We many never know who did this horrific act but we are focused on providing Phoenix a second chance so she can rise from the ashes and live a new life.

Phoenix still has a long way to go. Her treatment is costly and her confinement and recovery is going to be long. Please keep her in your thoughts as she fights for her life. Any spare change you can afford to donate for her is greatly appreciated.


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If you see helpless animals like Phoenix on the street, please do not hesitate to bring them to the vet or report or bring the to P.A.R.T., CARA or PAWS. All three are SEC registered animal welfare groups. You can also visit our website at www.philanimalrescue.org for info.