Philippine Wrestling Revolution Live: The ShawDown on July 30


After the landscape-changing events of Wrevolution X this past May, Philippine Wrestling Revolution is coming back LIVE and it’s going to be one heck of a showdown (or should we say ShawDown). One month removed from their biggest show of the year, PWR is looking to come back even stronger with a new venue, a new PWR champion, and a new chapter in their storied history. What will this totally new era of PWR bring to the table, you ask? Let’s take a look at what will be in store at “PWR Live: The ShawDown” this coming July 30, 2016 at the Zentrum Events Pavilion in 500 Shaw.


Mahabang Usapan Show with Rederick Mahaba

In what is starting to become a PWR Live tradition, the Mahabang Usapan Show with Rederick Mahaba will return and the Intimate Warrior’s special guest will be none other than the new 2-time PWR champion, “The Senyorito” Jake De Leon. Rederick Mahaba will undoubtedly bring out his hard-hitting journalistic chops to the table to question the new champ and as with every Mahabang Usapan Show, you can always expect the unexpected.


Rederick Mahaba vs. Ken Warren

The King of Schlong Style’s night at PWR Live will not be ending with his Mahabang Usapan Show as he looks to take on the “Social Media Sinister” Ken Warren in singles action. These two individuals are coming from opposite sides of the spectrum after Wrevolution X. Rederick Mahaba gained a hard-fought victory over James “IDOL” Martinez at PWR’s biggest show, while Ken Warren fell short against his former bodyguard, Miguel Rosales. Will Rederick Mahaba be able to keep up his winning ways and steady momentum or will Ken Warren finally be able to notch the victory and get out of his post PHX championship slump?


Mark D. Manalo vs. Yohann “YOLO” Ollores

This particular feud started off with a Starbucks drink being spat in someone’s face. After being eliminated by Mark D. Manalo in the PHX Guantlet at Wrevolution X, Yohann Ollores did not take that too kindly and decided to stick around and eventually interfere with Mark D. Manalo’s match by spitting a Starbucks drink on his face and costing him. In recent events, the two wrestlers have taken to social media to express their disdain for one another which led the PWR Board of Directors to make this match official to settle the score between the two. Will the pride of Batangas be able to use his experience to pull out the win or will the youngblood upstart from “Katips” gain a victory over his promdi foe?


Crystal Addresses the Departure of Scarlett

All things must come to an end, but not for Crystal! In light of recent events, she looks to give us a piece of her mind as she addresses the former Queen of the Royal Flush Scarlett’s untimely departure from Philippine Wrestling Revolution. With plans of the two women co-leading the country’s first-ever women’s wrestling division seemingly royally-flushed down the drain, what could be running through the mind of the last woman standing in PWR?


“Classical” Bryan Leo vs. SANDATA

One would imagine that the past two months weren’t so good for either Bryan Leo or SANDATA. The Pinoy Technico was not able to come out the victor at the PHX Gauntlet at Wrevolution X and the King of the Royal Flush lost his beloved PWR title to the current champion, Jake De Leon. It’s no secret that these 2 men are able to use their anger at their shortcomings to fuel themselves and bounce back into the win column in PWR. It’s also no secret that these two individuals are two of the premiere technical wrestlers in PWR today, so we can expect to see some beautiful wrestling action between them. The only question that remains is whether it will be “Classical” Bryan Leo or SANDATA that redirects their path on the winning lane.


#1 CONTENDERS MATCH FOR THE PWR TITLE: John Sebastian vs. Chris Panzer

After their epic and star-studded confrontation at Wrevolution X, it would not be the last time we’re seeing John Sebastian and Chris Panzer settle their differences in a PWR ring. With a timely distraction by KC Montero at his corner, John Sebastian was able to hit Chris Panzer with his killshot and pin him for the win and thus effectively removing then former PWR General Manager, Mr. Sy, from his position immediately. Without a shadow of a doubt, that match between Panzer and Sebastian was a premiere highlight of Wrevolution X. And this time, the PWR Board of Directors decided to once again up the stakes and remove the celebrity distractions for this one. The leader of the Panzer Army will once again meet the Ace of the Royal Flush and, this time, it’s for a #1 Contendership to the PWR title. Will Chris Panzer be able to get revenge and a PWR title shot on the same night or will John Sebastian have Chris Panzer’s number once again?


CHAMPION VS. CHAMPION: Main Maxx (PHX) vs. Jake De Leon (PWR)

After the removal of Mr. Sy as General Manager, the PWR Board of Directors looked for a way to kick-off the newest show in their newest venue on an epic scale and they decided to go all in. The main event for “PWR Live: The ShawDown” will be a champion vs. champion match between the PHX champion Main Maxx and the PWR champion Jake De Leon. “The Senyorito” Jake De Leon and “The Perfect 10” Main Maxx have been at each other’s throats for as long as Philippine Wrestling Revolution has been around and now we find them as the PWR champion and the PHX champion respectively. They’ve been in singles matches, tag team matches, Path of Gold matches, and they’re not stopping there. After shooting jabs at each other online on who the better champion in PWR is, the Board of Directors decided to make this dream match a reality and will pit their two champions against one another to find out which of them is truly the better champion. This being said, Revo-Nation, are you with the PHX champ or are you with the PWR champ?


PWR Live: The ShawDown will be on Saturday, July 30, 2016 at the Zentrum Events Pavilion located at 500 Shaw and the event will start at 6PM sharp. Tickets will be available at The Appraisery in Cubao Expo & Playbook Video Game Lounge and Bookshop in Pergola Mall & Circuit Makati starting Saturday, July 23, 2016, and they will also be available for selling online. Just send a message to PWR’s Facebook page, email or send a message to 0924-000-2007 for more details on how to purchase tickets online. Lastly, tickets will also be available at the door in 500 Shaw on July 30. Tickets are P400 each and it will be Open Seating. See you at the 500 Shaw for PWR Live: The ShawDown, Revo-Nation!

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