PWR Wrevolution X Results: The Show of Shows



Philippine Wrestling Revolution (PWR) put on its biggest show of the year last May 28: Wrevolution X. If WWE has Wrestlemania, PWR has Wrevolution X. This was PWR’s show of  shows! Staged at the iACADEMY auditorium, Wrevolution X showcased the best of what PWR had to offer and featured some events that would change the face of the company for years to come. Here’s what happened:


PWR-Wrevolution-X-Results-The-Show-of-shows-when-in-manila-chaos-madrigal-doomsdayChaos and Madrigal deliver their take on the Legion of Doom’s Doomsday Device

PWR-Wrevolution-X-Results-The-Show-of-shows-when-in-manila-delerium-finishDelerium finishes things off!


Chaos and Miguel Madrigal vs Delerium

The first pre-show match introduced us to two new tag teams in PWR. First, we saw the interesting duo of Chaos and Mike Madrigal. Chaos had a build and fighting style that was eerily similar to a former PWR mainstay while Mike Madrigal was the ground and pound guy of the duo. They took on the two Dans from the team dubbed “Delerium”. It was an evenly fought match with both teams displaying their in-ring arsenal. Highlights of the match include Chaos and Madrigal performing an impressive powerbomb variation of Legion of Doom’s Doomsday Device on one of the Dans for a near fall. In the end, Delerium scored the victory after delivering a neckbreaker/sit-down powerbomb combo on Chaos for the pinfall.


PWR-Wrevolution-X-Results-The-Show-of-shows-when-in-manila-dbldragonDouble Dragon!


“Mr. Big Bank” Bruno Bernardo and “The Machine” Mavericc Knight vs Double Dragon (Ramon Bautista and Stanley Chi)

Comedians Stanley Chi and Ramon Bautista strutted down the ringside area in preparation for their PWR in-ring debut! They bit off more than they could chew, however, as it was revealed that they would face the intimidating duo of “Mr. Big Bank” Bruno Bernardo from The Network and “The Machine” Mavericc Knight.

PWR-Wrevolution-X-Results-The-Show-of-shows-when-in-manila-dbldrgn-machine-brunoBruno and The Machine chill out while their oppoents argue with the referee

Bautista and Chi begged off, stating the obvious fact that they were outmatched by their opponents. Bautista added that the match was not fair. Mr. Chi disclosed his secret to the audience that he couldn’t compete that night since it was “bad feng shui.”  The fans weren’t having it, demanding the officials to “ring the bell” and start this one-sided tag team match. Stanley Chi invoked his ‘manager status’ to Bautista and bid him farewell, urging him to find a new tag team partner. Bautista continued to beg off and said he would still be over matched. Bautista crowd-sourced for a new partner and got a man in purple shirt to join him. Interestingly enough, the man with the purple shirt resembled Jojo the love survivor.



“Mr. Big Bank” Bruno Bernardo and “The Machine” Mavericc Knight vs Ramon Bautista and Random Crowd Member

The match was fairly quick with Bautista making a tag to his new tag team partner, who entered and ate a front slam for his troubles before getting pinned by The Machine. After the match, Bruno grabbed the mic and asked if this is all they will get tonight. He demanded competition. The masked duo of Los Trabajadores answered his demands and ran down to ringside


PWR-Wrevolution-X-Results-The-Show-of-shows-when-in-manila-machine-slamThe Machine takes care of Trabajador Uno


“Mr. Big Bank” Bruno Bernardo and “The Machine” Mavericc Knight vs Los Trabajadores

The masked duo tried their best to chop down the huge opposition of The Machine and Bruno, but to no avail. Bruno and The Machine used their size and strength to dominate the short tag team match. The end saw Mavericc Knight disposing his opponent with the Good Knight slam for the pinfall victory.


PWR-Wrevolution-X-Results-The-Show-of-shows-when-in-manila-idolIdol enters


PWR-Wrevolution-X-Results-The-Show-of-shows-when-in-manila-mahabaRederick is “Open Hearted”


James “Idol” Martinez vs Rederick Mahaba

The main show started with Idol vs Mahaba. This was one of the night’s more highly anticipated match up as two burning questions remained before it would begin. First, will we see Mahaba be a new down line for the Network if he loses? Second, will Idol finally taste the Jaccolade from the Intimate Warrior? The start of the match proved to be interesting as Rederick Mahaba blocked an eye poke attempt from Idol and shoved his opponent around the ring. The smaller Idol retreated to the outside and took a sip from his PoWer drink. Rederick Mahaba was ready for James Martinez as he delivered a huge assault on the corner, punctuating it with a huge corner splash. Rederick Mahaba yet again connected with a huge splash on a prone Idol for a 2 count. Mahaba continued his assault on the smaller opponent until the latter retreated once more to the outside of the ring and regroup.  The Network downline Chino Guinto distracted Rederick Mahaba and gave Idol enough time to sneak up on the bigger man. Idol, now in control, delivered a couple of ‘triangle chest slaps’ to his opponent. Idol choked Rederick on the corner before he delivered a successful Facial Product bronco buster. Idol struggled to grab Rederick Mahaba, but he eventually delivered a sliced bread #2 on him for a near 3 count. Rederick Mahaba started to fight back with some clubbing blows to his opponent and finished it with a front slam.

PWR-Wrevolution-X-Results-The-Show-of-shows-when-in-manila-mahaba-idolMahaba goes airborne

Mahaba tried to deliver the jaccolade to James “Idol” Martinez, but he would be distracted by Bruno and Chino. Idol made his quick retreat to the outside yet again and regrouped with Guinto and Bernardo. Rederick would have none of that as he climbed up and dove off the top rope to land on The Network. Idol and Mahaba would try to get their bearings outside, but they didn’t make the 10 count of the referee, forcing a double count out for the night. Mr. Sy entered ringside and said that he won’t allow this match to end in that fashion. Mr. Sy restarted the match and added a ‘no count out’ stipulation.

PWR-Wrevolution-X-Results-The-Show-of-shows-when-in-manila-airidolAIR IDOL

PWR-Wrevolution-X-Results-The-Show-of-shows-when-in-manila-mahaba-idol-2The Jaccolade!~

Idol used the distraction of Mr. Sy to his advantage by climbing all the way up to the second floor balcony. He took off from the balcony to wipe out Rederick Mahaba, his downlines, and a couple of PWR ring members. The end of the match saw both men re-entering the ring and Idol attempting a sunset flip. The sunset flip attempt would prove fatal as Rederick Mahaba finally locked in the Jaccolade on his nemesis, forcing Idol to tap out in submission. Rederick Mahaba stood victorious in the ring after the match, soaking in the love from the PWR Revo-nation.


PWR-Wrevolution-X-Results-The-Show-of-shows-when-in-manila-fighters-4-hireJoey Bax and Miguel Rosales with some very intimidating face paint on


PWR-Wrevolution-X-Results-The-Show-of-shows-when-in-manila-warren-rosales2Warren taunts Rosales


Ken Warren vs Miguel Rosales (w/ Joey Bax)

Fighters 4 Hire had a score to settle with the “Social Media Sinister” Ken Warren after what took place at PWR Live. Miguel Rosales looked primed and ready for his return match in PWR, sporting an intimidating face paint. Both men locked up to and traded a couple of wrist locks. Ken Warren cockily slapped the head of Rosales. This proved to be a bad move as Rosales would take him down to the mat and pound away with some hard fists. Ken Warren recovered with a cheap shot on Rosales and trapped him with a side headlock. Rosales got free from Warren’s clutches and took him down with a dropkick. Ken Warren kicked out at the count of 2 before being hit hard by a couple of devastating clotheslines from the Fighters 4 Hire member. Ken Warren pulled a trick from the Ric Flair handbook and was ‘begging off’ Rosales near the corner, before he pulled him and drove him face first into a turnbuckle. The Social Media Sinister clamped in a front facelock and body scissors combo on Rosales, taunting that he too can grapple like his opponent. Rosales would quickly escape Warren’s clutches and attempt to grapple him into a hold, but Warren slithered out of the ring. Warren would deliver a face rake upon his re-entry to the ring and started to attack his opponent at a corner. Rosales retaliated and backed Warren to the same corner before he peppered him with some hard punches. Miguel Rosales missed a corner clothesline and Warren capitalized with an inverted atomic drop. Ken Warren, with the bounce off the ropes, tried to deliver a crossbody on Rosales but he was caught and taken to the mat with a fallaway slam. Rosales connected with a huge spear on Ken Warren that shook the ring.


PWR-Wrevolution-X-Results-The-Show-of-shows-when-in-manila-warren-rosales1Rosales welcomes Warren to ‘Barangay Suplex’


PWR-Wrevolution-X-Results-The-Show-of-shows-when-in-manila-warren-rosales3Warren is setting up for something big


Rosales delivered a well executed suplex. Ken Warren would surprise Rosales with a rollup pin before the latter would kick out for 2. Ken Warren connected with a vicious superkick to Rosales before he would turn his attention to Bax and taunt his former bodyguard.  Ken Warren attempted the googlebuster on Rosales but it was blocked. Miguel Rosales welcomed Ken Warren to ‘Barangay Suplex’ by delivering three straight German suplexes. Warren fled to the outside and used his time to bad mouth Bax yet again. While Warren was distracted by Bax, Rosales climbed to the top and delivered a flying senton to his opponent. Both men would re-enter the ring, but Warren ‘crotched’ Rosales in the ropes after he kicked the ring ropes. Warren delivered a devastating move and pinned Rosales, only to break it by 2. Warren set Rosales up for the WiFi, but he missed. Rosales attempted an F5 but the former PHX champ slid out of the way for another WiFi attempt. Rosales ducked out of the second attempt and finally connected with his F5 on Ken Warren. Rosales pinned Warren 1-2-3 and got the victory.

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