PWR Live: Road to Wrevolution X Results

The Philippine Wrestling Revolution roster dropped by BF Homes, Paranaque City last April 23rd to deliver one last show before their biggest event in 2016, Wrevolution X! was there to cover the entire event. Check out our recap of PWR Live: Road to Wrevolution X!




Rederick Mahaba Open Challenge

Rederick Mahaba opened PWR Live to the cheers of the Revo-Nation. The fans were giving Red a HUGE ovation and chants as the self-confessed Southern Boy entered the ring. He told the fans he made a request to Mr. Sy to open the show since this was the place where he grew up, study (Author’s Notes: Rederick studied in Mary Mount School in B.F. Homes, which was very near the venue of PWR Live). The Intimate Warrior added that he used to play wrestling at the park outside the venue. Rederick then turned his attention to the event at hand and issued an open challenge. The relative newcomer named Yohann “#YOLO” Ollores accepted the challenge. Yohann got under the crowd’s skin and said that he is a proud resident of “Katips”(Katipunan), Quezon City. The fans booed Yohan and chanted “Justin Beiber” and “Red’s Gonna Kill You” chant. Ollores also realized that Rederick had too many monikers (“The Intimate Warrior”, “The Afrodesiac”, “The King of Schlong Style”, etc.) and said he too had different monikers such as being “The Here”, “The Now”, and so on. Unimpressed, Rederick requested Yohann to end his yammering and just fight him.



Rederick Mahaba vs Yohann “#YOLO” Ollores

It was the battle between the Southern Boy and the Northerner. Red(erick) vs Purple (shorts). Afro vs Shades. Mahaba used his imposing strength as he tossed Yohann around the ring at the initial going of the match. Mahaba would deliver some punishing attacks at Yohann on one ring corner. Ollores used his speed at one point, delivering a couple of fast and hard hitting dropkicks to his opponent’s legs. Ollores temporarily had Mahaba grounded and kept working on the latter’s leg. Rederick Mahaba eventually fought back and delivered a huge splash on the corner. Rederick Mahaba downed Ollores with a front slam and almost got a near fall.

pwr-live-road-to-wrevolutionx-when-in-manila-mahaba-slamRederick slams Yohann to the mat

Rederick Mahaba had Yohann Ollores where he wanted him and locked in the dreaded Jaccolade! Yohann tried to get back in the match with a well placed superkick to his opponent. Ollores went to the top rope to deliver a beautiful double axe handle on his opponent. However, his attempts were for naught as Rederick got his second PWR win after he delivered the “It’s More Slam in the Philippines” on Ollores. Rederick’s victory was one great way to make a mark in his BF Homes, Paranaque homecoming!


pwr-live-road-to-wrevolutionx-when-in-manila-mrsyGeneral Manager Sy

The PHX Gauntlet Match

Mr. Sy came out to ringside and talked briefly about his future with the PWR. He ran down the events on his TV guesting with Chris Panzer in a local sports show and his altercation with host KC Montero. The confrontation led to a match at Wrevolution X between Chris Panzer and John Sebastian. If Chris Panzer wins, KC Montero will be fired from FOX and his show (GOAT). But if John Sebastian will win, Mr. Sy will be fired as PWR General Manager. There was a big “KC S***s” chant from the crowd, to the amusement of the PWR General Manager. Mr. Sy said Mr. Montero still thinks its 1999 and that MTV is still relevant, adding that Montero was 2 things: “a has been and a sellout”. He also called out Royal Flush member John Sebastian for meddling in the affairs. Mr. Sy told everyone that when Panzer wins, he’ll remind John Sebastian of the words “Boss” and “Employee”.

The PWR General Manager switched gears and said that in PWR Wrevolution X, there will be an 8-man gauntlet match for the #1 contendership to the PHX Championship. The winner of the gauntlet will IMMEDIATELY face the reigning PHX champion once the match is over. Mr. Sy said that it will not just focus on the high-flyers, the technical wrestlers, or even the heavyweights. On Wrevolution X, the match will raise the Women in the spotlight. He brought out one of the competitors to ringside, CRYSTAL! Before Crystal would have time to talk, Peter Versoza and Scarlett of the Royal Flush stormed into ringside. Versoza demanded to know why Crystal was in the match. Mr. Sy told Versoza that Crystal went in because she impressed him in her match against PV during Vendetta. Scarlett questioned Crystal’s inclusion as she saw herself as the ‘Queen’ of PWR, to which Mr. Sy asked how many matches has the Queen of the Royal Flush has competed in. Mr. Sy announced that Peter Versoza will be facing an international wrestler come Wrevolution X, the Malaysia Pro Wrestling (MyPW) World to Regional Champion, Shaukat!

pwr-live-road-to-wrevolutionx-when-in-manila-scarlett-crystal-syScarlett confronts Mr. Sy and Crystal

Mr. Sy ordered Scarlett and Crystal to duke it out before he left the ring, leading to the very first woman vs woman wrestling match in PWR history. Sadly, the match never started as P to the V delivered his devastating Karne Norte maneuver to Crystal. The devious duo made their exit while the PWR crew attended to the downed Crystal.



SANDATA vs Chino Guinto

Chino Guinto of The Network squared off against the masked warrior known as SANDATA. The crowd tore into Mr. Guinto once more with the usual “(expletive word) you, Chino!” chants throughout the ringside area. Both men started the match trying to get the early advantage with some mat based wrestling. Chino briefly managed to lock SANDATA with a side headlock. SANDATA reversed the situation immediately, trapping Chino with an ankle lock. Chino Guinto quickly got out of the ankle lock as he slithered away. Chino Guinto would be trapped yet again once SANDATA sent him to the mat with a drop toe hold and would put in the ankle lock. Guinto reached the ropes to break the hold. Guinto downed SANDATA with a shoulder tackle after the bounce off the ropes. He would try to attack SANDATA again, but the masked competitor took him to the mat with a trio of amazing armdrags. The Golden Boy left the ring to regroup. SANDATA thought otherwise and flew off from the top rope to crash on Chino Guinto. Guinto took control of the match once he slammed SANDATA back-first on the ring post before he rolled him back into the ring.

pwr-live-road-to-wrevolutionx-when-in-manila-sandata-chino-1aGuinto locks in the abdominal stretch on SANDATA

pwr-live-road-to-wrevolutionx-when-in-manila-sandata-chino-1SANDATA delivers his kicks to Chino with full force

Chino locked SANDATA with the abdominal stretch in the middle of the ring. SANDATA freed himself from Chino’s clutches and bounced off the ropes. Guinto displayed his strength as he caught SANDATA and delivered a European uppercut for a 2 count. SANDATA avoided a corner splash from Chino Guinto and caught his opponent with a crossbody. SANDATA kept Chino to the mat with a couple of dropkicks  before he sent him into the corner. SANDATA delivered a couple of running knee strikes on Chino at the ring corner. SANDATA attempted to deliver his hurracanrana-facebuster, but Chino used his strength to lift him on his shoulders before driving him to the mat with a sit-out powerbomb for a near 3 count. SANDATA punished Guinto with his hard kicks to the chest before he executed his Pabasag (hurracanarana-into-facebuster) move for 2. SANDATA went for another ankle lock on his opponent, but he was tossed out once Chino Guinto rolled out of the hold. SANDATA re-entered the ring and would yet again apply the ankle lock. Chino got out of SANDATA’s clutches once more and rolled up his masked nemesis for the surprise pinfall victory. SANDATA’s winning streak was ended by The Network’s Golden Boy!


pwr-live-road-to-wrevolutionx-when-in-manila-beerpromdiMark D. Manalo enters with Kanto Terror

Mark D. Manalo (w/ Kanto Terror) vs Joey Bax

Joey Bax of Fighters 4 Hire took on PWR’s favorite Promdi in this one-on-one contest. Bax was off to the races after he quickly attacked his opponent. MDM would send Bax down with a hard shoulder block and followed it up with a splash. Joey Bax caught D. Manalo by surprise with an eye poke. The Fighter 4 Hire assaulted MDM on the corner, delivering some lightning fast slaps on the chest before he would choke his opponent with his boot. Joey Bax also introduced Mark D. Manalo’s face across the ring ropes, which was an innovative, yet brutal offense from the former. Joey Bax sent MDM to the mat multiple times with a series of suplexes. Bax, after every move, tried to pin the Promdi who would always get an arm up by 2. Mark D. Manalo finally fought back, delivering some quick jabs before he sent Bax down with a bionic elbow. The Promdi went up high and scored a huge elbow drop on Bax for a two count. Mark D. Manalo tried to finish things up with a spear, but he missed. Joey Bax took advantage of Manalo’s miscue and sent him to the mat with a clothesline known as the Bax Bomber. Bax ended things off with The Hit (a face-first Russian Legsweep) on his opponent.

pwr-live-road-to-wrevolutionx-when-in-manila-mdm-bax-1MDM goes for an elbow drop on Bax

pwr-live-road-to-wrevolutionx-when-in-manila-mdm-bax-2Bax delivers The Hit on MDM

Apocalypse paid Beer Promdi a visit at after the match. The masked man did not attack anyone, but it did not stop Kanto Terror from chasing him out of the ringside area.


pwr-live-road-to-wrevolution-x-networkThe Network are ready for a fight!

pwr-live-road-to-wrevolutionx-when-in-manila-trabajadoresThe Masked Men From Tandang Sora, Q.C.

The Network (James “IDOL” Martinez and “Big Bank” Bruno Bernardo) vs Los Trabajadores


The Network, represented in the match by James “Idol” Martinez and “Big Bank” Bruno Bernardo would face a familiar duo by the name of Los Trabajadores. Uno and Dos were looking to avenge their loss to the men in green a few events ago and tonight might be the night. This would be the official in-ring debut of one Bruno Bernardo in PWR and he made an immediate impact. Bruno used his size and strength to throw Uno around the ring before tagging out to Idol. Idol would punish Uno with his ‘triangle’/pyramid chest slap before tagging out to the bigger man. Bruno delivered the clubs on his opponent before he locked in a variation of a camel clutch. There was one hilarious moment in the match wherein Bruno and the referee were distracted by a certain audience member and while they had their backs away from the action, Idol was there to assault Uno. Idol would be tagged and he would continue his assault on the masked opponent. Uno would swing the momentum his way and grabbed Idol for a fisherman’s suplex that garnered a 2 count. Dos and Bruno get tagged in by their respective partners and the latter just demolished the former. Idol was tagged back into the match and he would choke Dos near the ropes. Idol was sent to the outside before Uno was tagged back in. Los Trabajadores took the opening and launched themselves to the outside to take down the Network.


pwr-live-road-to-wrevolutionx-when-in-manila-idol-jumpIdol is about to FLY!

pwr-live-road-to-wrevolutionx-when-in-manila-network-trabajadores-1Idol is about to get a dose of “Air Trabajador”

Unfazed by the Trabajadores and their aerial antics, Idol went to the top rope and landed onto his opponents and a couple of PWR’s ringcrew. The fans were on their feet and momentarily chanted “Idol” for the Network leader’s fearless stunt. Bruno re-entered the ring with Uno and trapped him in the middle of the ring. Uno, borrowing a strategy from #YOLO, took Bruno down with a few basement dropkicks to the legs. Dos and Idol are tagged in and the masked competitor from Tandang Sora delivered a crossbody to his opponent. Dos delivered a splash from the top rope on Idol for a 2 count. The end of the match saw Idol share his “Facial Product” (knee-to-face smash) to Dos before Bruno finished things off with his “Paydown” (a huge clothesline to the back of the head).

pwr-live-road-to-wrevolutionx-when-in-manila-network-trabajadores-2Idol on the mic (and on top of a fallen Trabajador)

pwr-live-road-to-wrevolutionx-when-in-manila-network-trabajadores-3The Machine takes down one of the Trabajadores

Idol grabbed the mic after the match and told the masked men that they had his respect. He then went on to ask how much they are selling their masks. The fourth man of The Network, Mavericc Knight, was summoned by Idol and delivered a devastating Knightmare (modified side slam) on one of the Trabajadores. The remaining Trabajador would suffer The Network’s triple powerbomb.

pwr-live-road-to-wrevolutionx-when-in-manila-network-trabajadores-4Idol and Mahaba for Wrevolution X

Before The Network would continue to beat down on the masked men, the hometown hero Rederick Mahaba ran to ringside with a golf club. Mahaba challenged Idol to a rematch at Wrevolution X. At first, Idol was hesistant as he already defeated the Intimate Warrior in the past. Idol eventually accepted with the stipulation that if Rederick would lose, he will join The Network. As the network left ringside, Rederick promised the crowd that there will be “Crotch-2-Faces” at Wrevolution X!

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