PWR Vendetta 2 – The King’s Revenge

PWR Vendetta 2 set the stage for one of PWR’s biggest rematches in 2016: Ralph Imabayashi vs “Classical” Bryan Leo. There were other high-profile matches that were set during that fateful night of February 20, 2016 inside the iACADEMY Auditorium. We got to see PWR’s very first inter-gender match between Crystal and Peter Versoza. There was a trophy at stake with Jake De Leon taking on Main Maxx of the Royal Flush. We also had a “Champion vs Champion” match between the PHX Champion Ken Warren and MyPW Extreme Division Champion Bombay Suarez. Grudges were to be settled that night as SANDATA faced off against Joey Bax, Mark D. Manalo fought against John Sebastian, and Rederick Mahaba went toe-to-toe with The Network’s James “Idol” Martinez. Here’s what went down at PWR Vendetta 2!


pwr-vendetta-2-pre-show-dos-yohan-olloresYohann with the One Night Stand on Trabajador Dos

Pre-Show Match 1: El Trabajador Dos vs Yohann “#YOLO” Ollores

El Trabajador Dos was on solo duty as he faced one of PWR’s newest talents, Yohann Ollores. #YOLO had that look of that stereotypical ‘conyo’ kid you would LOVE to hate. He came out to Justin Beiber’s “What do you Mean” wearing sunglasses, a Starbucks drink and an outfit that automatically made me think he’d be part of The Network. The newcomer, however, had substance to go with his swaggy style. Dos would show Yohann it won’t be easy getting the win as he was in control of the match early on. El Trabajador Dos delivered a couple of armdrag takedowns to Yohann to keep him grounded. Dos connected with an impressive armdrag takedown on his opponent from the corner. #YOLO retaliated with some punishing chops to the masked wrestler. Ollores was in control midway and delivered a stomp down on Dos. Ollores delivered an impressive dropkick to take his opponent down. At one point, the spoiled rich kid unwittingly unmasked his opponent with a brutal neckbreaker. Thankfully Yohann had enough etiquette to wait for his opponent to put his mask back on before dishing out further punishment. At one point, the crowd chanted “tie your shoelace” at one of the competitors who had their laces untied. Sadly, the wrestler did NOT do so. For shame. Dos valiantly tried to fight back with an amazing splash off the top rope, but it was all for naught. Yohann scored a victory after delivering a superkick and finishing things off with his finisher named the “One Night Stand” (a.k.a. the jumping variation of the Step Over Takedown).


pwr-vendetta-2-pre-show-chino-guinto-bernardoBruno introduces Chino Guinto to the crowd

Pre-Show Match 2: Vintendo vs “The Golden Boy” Chino Guinto (w/ Bruno Bernardo)

The Network’s “Golden Boy” Chino Guinto, with the “Big Bank” Bruno Bernardo on his side, faced off against Vintendo. Guinto used his craftiness to sneak attack Vintendo at the beginning of the match. He connected with a kick to the face on Vintendo who was down at the corner. It was similar to the Broski Boot of Zack Ryder (WOO WOO WOO!) hence, we will now call it the Downline Boot. Guinto took control of the early going, attacking Vintendo at the corner. However, PWR’s resident gamer flipped the switch and punished Guinto with some fast successive smack attack on his midsection (a.k.a. the E-Honda attack). Guinto would stop this rally with a well placed neckbreaker and a 2 count. Vintendo would kick out at two yet again after he ate a dropkick from Chino Guinto. Guinto delivered a devastating DDT to Vintendo, and followed it up with a headlock. Guinto shifted his submission move into a chinlock. Vintendo rallied back and backed Guinto in a corner to deliver his new combo…the “up, up, down, down, left, right, A, B, Start” combo. Vintendo rounded up his offensive assault with his patented Shoryuken uppercut for 2. Guinto blocked Vintendo’s patented chokeslam and dropped him to the mat. Vintendo kicked out before the count of 3 to the surprise of Guinto. Chino tried to attack Vintendo from the top rope but he was caught by the bigger man. Vintendo drove Guinto to the mat with his High Score Chokeslam and got the much needed victory.

pwr-vendetta-2-pre-show-chino-vintendoVintendo, with intensity in his eyes, looks to punish Guinto


After the match,  Guinto and Bernardo double teamed the victorious Vintendo. Guinto laid Vintendo out with his signature move called the “Gold Digger”


The Flush, the Champ, and the Parking Lot

PWR Vendetta 2 opened up with a video package that featured the Royal Flush inside the iACADEMY parking lot. They met Ralph Imabayashi, the PWR champion on their way out of the parking lot. Ralph and Leo had a heated exchange of words before a brawl erupted at the parking lot. Thankfully, PWR officials were there to break up the brawl before someone got hurt.


Main Maxx and JDL

“The Senyorito” Jake De Leon vs Main Maxx for the Path of Gold

PWR’s Path of Gold Trophy was the prize for both Main Maxx and Jake De Leon in PWR Vendetta’s opening bout. Both men brawled inside the ring to start the match. JDL and Maxx took each other down with dueling clotheslines before they chain wrestled inside the ring. Main Maxx sent JDL to the mat with a hiptoss and the “Bonjing” chants started to be heard around the PWR ringside area. JDL recovered nicely with a well placed dropkick on Main Maxx. The Senyorito would follow up a combination that consisted of a snapmare take down, a hard slap on the back and then topping things off with his signature handspring splash for a two count. Main Maxx attempted to deliver a corner splash on JDL but the Senyorito delivered a hard kick to the face of his opponent. JDL went for the hampas lupa, but Main Maxx kicked his head on the landing. Maxx pinned JDL after a snap suplex, but it only garnered a two count. Maxx delivered a flurry of punches to JDL at a corner before he punctuated things off with a spin kick to the gut. Main Maxx connected with a basement dropkick on JDL, who was slumped down on the corner. JDL kicked out at 2 after Maxx tried to pin him yet again. Both men went outside the ring where JDL was sent into the steel steps.


pwr-vendetta-2-main-maxx-jdl-1Main Maxx delivers a beautiful spin kick on JDL!


Maxx rolled JDL into the ring and ascended to the top rope. He was about to do an aerial move but JDL caught him mid-air with a superkick. Both men are down and the referee started to count them. Before the count of ten, Maxx and JDL were on their feet and started to deliver some punches and chops to one another. Maxx caught JDL by the throat and delivered a standing rock bottom. Maxx followed up with a big splash to pin JDL, but JDL kicked out before the count of 3. JDL would also head to the top rope after gaining advantage and connected with a splash. JDL pinned Maxx but the big man got off by 2. At one point in the match, Jake De Leon had his laces untied and did the proper thing..and tied it back on its place, to the delight of the crowd. JDL attempted the Alipin Drop but Maxx’s weight was too much for him to carry. Main Maxx trapped JDL soon enough with the deadly Maximum Mutilation Submission hold. JDL struggled to get out of the dreaded hold and barely made it to the ropes. JDL back body dropped Main Maxx and was on the offensive yet again.


pwr-vendetta-2-main-maxx-jdl-2JDL with the Alipin Drop


He connected with the hampas lupa, and followed up with his Rolling Thunder/Payroll senton splash. JDL would once again try to hit the Alipin Drop, but Maxx yet again reverses it, this time with a samoan drop. JDL caught Main Maxx off-guard with two straight superkicks before he hoisted him up on his shoulder for a third time. Third time’s the charm as JDL finally connected with the Alipin Drop and would pin him 1-2-3!



Mr. Sy and the ‘Boss’ – ‘Employee’ Relationship

JDL would celebrate inside the ring as Mr. Sy made his way to ringside. He introduced Jake De Leon as the #1 Contender for the PWR Championship. JDL left ringside as Mr. Sy hyped up the crowd and introduced them to PWR Vendetta! He said that it was a proud moment in PWR history when two men (plus Bryan Leo) went to Malaysia and represented PWR in the MyPW Uprising event. Mr. Sy had some bad news once he announced that Chris Panzer would be absent for tonight’s event due to a commercial taping gig. Mr. Sy, however, brought out Bombay Suarez, the NEW MyPW Extreme Division Champion.

“The Bitch Killer” came out to a loud reaction from the crowd. Bombay grabbed the mic and said it was an honor to have represented the country during MyPW Uprising in Malaysia. He tried to speak to the crowd a bit more, but the PHX Champion Ken Warren had other things in mind. The PHX Champ crashed Bombay’s speech and confronted Mr. Sy. Ken Warren wondered where HIS celebration was. He said that he was the PHX champion, a belt that was made in the Philippines, not in Malaysia. Mr. Sy asked Ken Warren when was the last time he defended the PHX title in 2016 and Warren countered that he had a viral video of kicking someone so hard during his latest match (with Vintendo, at PWR Live 3). Mr. Sy said this memorable line for the night: “Let me tell you something, you little Millenial…”. To finish that line, he booked Ken Warren and Bombay Suarez for tonight’s show. Warren tried to beg off the match until later in the night, but was met with the “Boss-Employee” line of Mr. Sy and the match would start right there and then.


 pwr-vendetta-2-bombay-ken-warren-1Bombay with the ‘Bomb Shelter’ on Ken Warren


Champion vs Champion match: Ken Warren vs Bombay Suarez


A lot of “Kill that bitch” chants would be heard throughout ringside as the champ vs champ match started. Bombay worked Ken Warren on the corner to start the match. Ken Warren got back into the action with a well placed dropkick after he tangled Bombay in the ropes. The PHX champion would start to target Bombay’s leg for a good duration of the match. Bombay started to rally back with some knife edge chops to the chest of Ken Warren and would take him down with a DDT. Bombay ascended to the top rope and connected with a high-impact splash on Ken Warren. Bombay Suarez locked in a tight dragon sleeper on his opponent in hopes he’d submit. Ken Warren, however, managed to reach the ropes and break the hold. Ken Warren surprised Bombay with an enzugiri kick and covered him for a pin, only to get a 2 count. Suarez rallied back and tried to pull off the three amigos suplex combination on the PHX Champion. Ken Warren, however, blocked the third suplex and took Bombay down after working on his leg.


 pwr-vendetta-2-bombay-ken-warren-2Ken Warren with the Wi-Fi!


Bombay yet again made a comeback and dragged Warren to the corner, delivering some nasty chops to the PHX champion. The Extreme Division Champion grabbed the OG of IG and delivered his signature ‘Bomb Shelter’ slam for a near 3 count. Ken Warren tried his luck yet again after gaining control of the match with a running splash on the corner. However, Bombay got out of the way and lined him up just in time for the Kick of the Day! With the PHX Champion all knocked out, Bombay went for the cover, but Joey Bax (who recently had a haircut, which I forgot to mention a paragraph ago), distracted the referee. Instead of doing the usual ‘good guy blasts interfering bad guy off the apron’ bit, Bombay snatched his MyPW belt and clocked Ken Warren over the head. Bombay did his best Eddie Guerrero impersonation and it almost worked as the referee confronted Ken Warren. However, Ken Warren raised Bombay’s Guerrero play with his Ric Flair behind the back kick to the groin. It was SUPER EFFECTIVE to say the least and Ken Warren finished things off with the Wi-Fi.

Mr. Sy came out to ringside to congratulate the PHX Champion and made a huge announcement for the next PWR event that will be happening at Calamba, Laguna. It will be Ken Warren defending his PHX title in a triple threat match against Bombay Suarez and Chris Panzer!!!


Mahabang Usapan…sa Stairs

We caught a glimpse of a short clip with Rederick Mahaba chatting up with Mark D. Manalo, who was doing some light training at the stairway. Once that conversation ended, we saw a very brief moment of a familiar masked figure we know as…THE APOCALYPSE.


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