PWR Live 3 –PWR Delivers a Great 2016 Opener!


PWR Live 3 kicked off the 2016 PWR calendar at the iAuditorium in iACADEMY and it was a night of firsts. For the first time in PWR history, the company held their pro wrestling event on a Sunday night. PWR and its superstars had everyone at the edge of their seats during its inaugural event of 2016 and we’re here to tell you what went down.

PWR-Live-3-Preshow-IdolJames “Idol” Martinez enters the PWR arena

Preshow Match: James “Idol” Martinez and Chino Guinto of The Network vs Los Trabajadores


PWR Live 3 started with a bang when James “Idol” Martinez of The Network was part of the pre-show. Most of the Revo-nation were in glee as the green man strutted down ringside with his downline Bruno Bernardo…but he didn’t share the same sentiment. Idol grabbed the mic and asked him why he was in a PRE-SHOW rather than on the main show. He reminded Mr. Sy and the rest that he was the man who defeated “The Senyorito” Jake De Leon during his debut in PWR. That said, he brought out his latest ‘downline’ to be at his side and his name was Chino Guinto.

PWR-Live-3-Preshow-Match-1Idol and Guinto deliver a devastating double team maneuver!

Idol and Trabajador Uno started the match and both men did a nice sequence of reversals from armbars. Uno backed Idol into the corner and delivered a couple of hard slaps to the chest of Idol. Uno tagged out to Trabajor Dos and continued to work on Idol’s chest with slaps of his own. Dos mis-cued a suplex but delivered one on the second try on Idol for a 2 count. Idol didn’t budge after Dos missed yet another move (a leap frog) and tried to fight back. However Dos was resilient enough to grab Idol and deliver an impressive armdrag after springing up to the ropes. Guinto snuck in to kick Dos and tagged himself into the match. Guinto received a slight “Downline ka lang” chant as he punished Dos. Idol re-entered the match and both men deliver a double ‘PoWeR’ sign slap on their opponent. A few minutes passed as both Idol and Guinto tag each other in repeatedly to punish Trabajador Dos near their corner. Dos would make a comeback and deliver a flying neckbreaker before he went for the hot tag to Uno. Uno was EN FUEGO~ as he delivered a flying clothesline and a crossbody on Idol. Both Uno and Dos ascended to the top for something but Bruno was there to distract the masked men and gave The Network time to recover. The Network took both masked men down and grabbed one of them to deliver the Pay-In Combo for the 1-2-3. In the end…#IdolWins

The Return of THE Ken Warren

We were treated to a brief backstage skit wherein Ken Warren has made his triumphant return to PWR. He said it was good to be back, until he saw a sight he’d never imagine seeing…Ralph Imabayashi with the PWR Championship. Once Ralph left the scene, Ken Warren would wonder where the heck Bryan Leo was.

pwr-live-3-mahabang-usapanMr. Mahaba and the PWR Champ

Mahabang Usapan w/ Ralph Imabayashi

Speaking of the champion…he was the guest at Rederick Mahaba’s “Mahabang Usapan”. The host was ‘so hard’ to start the show as he too was in anticipation with his guest. Rederick mentioned that he was crying backstage last Terminus due to his friend winning the title (well..he was also crying due to some other reason but…that’s a long story). He noted that the current PWR champion was his PWR bootcamp mate just a year ago. The PWR Champion arrived at ringside to the adulation of the Revo-Nation and joined Mr. Mahaba in the ring. Ralph thanked the PWR fans for their undying support before he went to talk to Rederick. He said that last year, he was at bootcamp and was actually injured. That injury almost made him delay his PWR debut (at PWR Vendetta), but he did not give up and continued to work hard. He ran down the Royal Flush and said that last year, he defeated them and got the gold. Rederick started to ask the PWR Champion a few questions before the Royal Flush made their way to ringside and interrupt the proceedings.


Bryan Leo got the mic and berated the crowd saying they were all ugly as hell. Leo admitted that he was crying because he lost the PWR title and he will not make excuses as to why he lost to Ralph last time. He added more insult to the fans as he said that they were all sons and daughters of…Bombay Suarez! Leo demanded a rematch and he wanted to face Ralph Imabayashi at PWR Vendetta 2! Mr. Sy stepped on stage and approved the match for Vendetta 2, Leo vs Imabayashi. Ralph also demanded a match for the night, and Mr. Sy gladly gave him a title match. For the main event, it would be Ralph Imabayashi taking on The Apocalypse…to Bryan Leo’s dismay. Mahaba asked Mr. Sy for a match as well…and he got it in the form of Rederick Mahaba vs Bryan Leo! Bryan Leo yet again didn’t approve of this and noted that he, a main event, does not open shows (click here to see our evidence against that statement). Sadly, Mr. Sy did not share Bryan Leo’s view and told them the match would start immediately.


Rederick Mahaba vs “Classical” Bryan Leo (w/ Scarlett)

The former PWR Champion faced a huge obstacle against Rederick Mahaba. Mahaba overpowered Leo in a test of strength. Leo would use his mat skills to gain a slight upper hand against the Afrodesiac, but the bigger man literally manhandled Leo. Mahaba delivered a huge splash on Leo and got a two count. Rederick missed a splash attempt and Leo converted it with his patented diving headbutt. At that point, Bryan Leo would pounce on Rederick Mahaba and worked on the bigger man’s leg. Bryan Leo would stop a Mahaba come back with an impressive quick double leg takedown and continued to assault him in the legs. Leo lined Mahaba up for the First World Express (running knee attack) on the corner, but he missed. Rederick would make the former champion pay with two successive and massive body splashes before he pinned him. Leo would kick out before the count of three. Mahaba lifted him up and delivered a devastating front slam for a two count. Mahaba delivered the dreaded ‘Jaccolade’ and connected with another big splash.

Leo-Mahaba-2Leo with the Blackpool Clutch


Scarlett got on the apron and gave a perfect distraction to Rederick Mahaba. He kept the Intimate Warrior at bay while Bryan Leo recovered well enough to deliver a strike to the leg of Rederick. With the big man down on the mat, Bryan Leo locked in one of his new submission holds, the Blackpool Clutch. After the match, Scarlett would enter the ring and assist Rederick to his feet…before she kicked him below the belt. Bryan Leo and Scarlett backed Rederick into the corner where the Queen of the Flush delivered her stink face. The Royal Flush left ringside, leaving Rederick defeated and humiliated…but it didn’t end there. The Network returned to the PWR ringside area for the biggest segment of the night yet.


pwr-live-3-product-orientation-2Bruno gets the taste of the Jaccolade

The Network’s Product Orientation

James “Idol” Martinez, Bruno Bernardo and Chino Guinto went to the PWR ring, while Rederick was still there, and went to their product orientation. Idol went on to orient everyone in the PWR ring about The Network and what it was about (‘networking, duh’ – Idol). He introduced us to his two popular products, the Idol Supplements and the POWER Power Drink. Idol finished his orientation and asked the Intimate Warrior if he wanted to try his products. Idol would try both of his products before he instructed his downlines to beat up on Rederick on the corner. Idol joined the attack and would pour his PoWeR drink onto the Afrodesiac…which would prove to be effective…for Rederick. Mahaba’s energy sprung him back to action and his offense came…and rained hard on The Network. Bruno Bernardo tried to fight back but Mahaba took him down and delivered the dreaded Jaccolade! The Network left the ring in defeat while Rederick challenged the leader, James “Idol” Martinez to a match at PWR Vendetta.

PWR-Live-3-Ken-Warren-ReturnThe PHX Champ with Joey Bax in the background

PWR-Live-3-Ken-Warren-Return-Challenge-AcceptedHERE COMES A NEW CHALLENGER!

Ken Warren’s PWR Return

The PWR PHX champion made his return from his US Tour and demanded the adoration of the PWR Revo-Nation. Warren mentioned that he dropped by certain US cities during his trip and asked the fans if they missed him. He went on about his view on JDL winning the Path of Gold match and picking the PWR Championship title match over his PHX belt. He told everyone that his title is the ‘workhorse’ title of the PWR and is the most valuable belt in the company. Warren would insult Rederick Mahaba and The Network before he would issue an open challenge to anyone in PWR for his ‘warm up’ match. Another returning PWR superstar stepped up in the form of Vintendo.


PWR-Live-3-Ken-Warren-Vintendo-1Ken Warren w/ the Wi-Fi

PHX Champion Ken Warren (w/ Joey Bax) vs Vintendo

The “Let’s go Warren”-“Joey Bax” chants reverberated at the PWR Arena at certain points during the matchup. Both men made their in-ring return since PWR Live 2 and it was Vintendo who got the initial advantage with his massive power. He tossed Ken Warren after the initial lockup before Ken Warren snuck up and delivered some chops to Vintendo on the corner. Vintendo countered and placed Warren on the corner before he would deliver 2 hard chops and then assault the PHX champion with some fast palm strikes similar to E. Honda from Street Fighter. Ken Warren would catch Vintendo at one point and worked on his opponent’s injured arm area. Joey Bax would also add damage to Vintendo’s arm while the referee was distracted by Ken Warren. Vintendo would try to recover from the assault on his injured arm but Ken Warren would deliver two dropkicks to the arm to keep him grounded. Warren locked in a painful cross armlock, in which Vintendo would reverse by use of his sheer strength to deliver a powerbomb on Ken Warren. Vintendo delivered a masterful “SHORYUKEN~!” attack on Ken Warren at the ring post. Joey Bax distracted Vintendo before the big man tried to deliver a chokeslam on Ken Warren. Vintendo tried to deliver a chokeslam for the 2nd time, but Ken Warren blocked him and finished things off with the Wi-Fi for the 1-2-3!


pwr-live-3-panzer-bax-1Chris Panzer locking in Bax with an Anaconda Vice

Joey Bax vs Chris Panzer

After a short backstage interview with Crystal, Joey Bax would return to the ring yet again. This time, it would be in a one-on-one match. The fans were vocal in this match, telling Bax ‘wag sa mukha’ (not the face) if he were to attack the good looking opponent. Sadly, Bax would deliver a hard assault on Panzer which did involve some hard shots to the face. Chris Panzer was no slouch, however, proving why he won over Bax’s partner Miguel Rosales during the last event. Panzer delivered a hard thez press and rained the punches on Joey Bax. Bax would fight back with a back-elbow + superkick combo on the leader of the Panzer army before he landed a splash for a 2 count. Joey Bax followed up with 2 double underhook suplexes on Panzer and added a belly to back suplex for good measure. Chris Panzer fought back with a corner splash and an inverted atomic drop on the Fighter 4 Hire. Panzer scaled up to the top rope and delivered an amazing frog splash on Joey Bax. Bax rolled out of the ring as Panzer tried to line him up for his Panzerschreck. Panzer chased Joey Bax around ringside before both men re-enter the ring and Bax started to attack. Bax, however, walked into a Panzerschreck from Chris Panzer and was laid out. Panzer didn’t end things there. Chris Panzer locked in an anaconda vice submission hold in which Joey Bax would tap out to submission. Chris Panzer’s win gave him a 2-0 record against the Fighters 4 Hire.

PWR-Live-3-SANDATA-strikesSANDATA gets revenge!!!

SANDATA stormed to ringside and delivered a massive spear on Bax. He would attack Joey Bax’s leg before he locked in a modified leg lock on Mr. Bax. SANDATA got a slight form of revenge on Bax after the latter attacked him last time in PWR Terminus.

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