PWR Wrevolution X Results: The Show of Shows


John Sebastian

PWR-Wrevolution-X-Results-The-Show-of-shows-when-in-manila-sebastian-monteroKC Montero and John Sebastian

Chris Panzer vs John Sebastian

It was a career vs career match with the stipulation that if John Sebastian wins, PWR General Manager Mr. Sy would be fired and if Panzer wins, KC Montero would be fired from his television station. John Sebastian came out first and told the crowd that Panzer will not be winning tonight. KC Montero entered the ringside area to a round of “Cesaro” chants. Montero thanked everyone for the welcome but said they can all perform fellatio on him.  He was surprised that there was actually an audience in PWR and he felt that his career was at an all time low by attending the event. Mr. Sy and Panzer entered next to the relief of the crowd.

PWR-Wrevolution-X-Results-The-Show-of-shows-when-in-manila-sebastian-panzerPanzer punches Sebastian on the corner

PWR-Wrevolution-X-Results-The-Show-of-shows-when-in-manila-sy-monteroMontero and Mr. Sy being pulled apart by the ring crew

The match started with a round of ‘Huwag sa mukha’ chants. Both men lock up in the center of the ring and started to jock for their position. Panzer missed a big boot and Sebastian blasted him with a hard slap on the face. Panzer slapped back and it was a slap fest for a good full minute of the match. Chris Panzer caught Sebastian with an atomic drop before he took him down with a Thez Press.

Chris Panzer had John Sebastian on the corner and delivered 10 punches on his opponent’s face. The fight spilled to the outside of the ring and Mr. Sy and KC Montero joined in the fray. Sy and Montero had a brief scuffle before the PWR ring crew tried to break them up. Montero, the hulking man that he was, easily tossed 2 of the ring crew out of the way and tried to attack Mr. Sy. Eventually the two men got pulled away from each other as Sebastian would take a cheap shot at Mr. Sy himself. Chris Panzer looked like he would return the favor on Montero but Sebastian was there to attack him from behind.


Panzer goes for the El Guerrero Frog Splash

PWR-Wrevolution-X-Results-The-Show-of-shows-when-in-manila-killshotSebastian finishes things off with the Killshot!

John Sebastian started to choke Chris Panzer after their return to the ring. Sebastian had Panzer cornered and started to deliver some hard punches to the face of his opponent. The Leader of the Panzer Army used his strength to lift Sebastian before he sent him to the mat with a vicious power bomb. John Sebastian surprised Panzer with a comeback, delivering some hard moves before he slammed him to the mat. Sebastian did his variation of Cena’s Five Knuckle Shuffle by delivering a knee drop on Panzer for a 2 count. Sebastian grabbed Panzer and took him down with an Attitude Adjustment. However, Panzer still got an arm up by the count of two. Panzer fought back with some hard clotheslines to his opponent. Panzer connected with a huge corner splash before he planted Sebastian to the mat with a spinebuster. Sebastian caught Panzer with an innovative move that ended with a knee to the back of the latter’s head. John Sebastian missed a knee attack on the corner and was at the receiving end of Panzer’s bicycle kick. Chris Panzer went to the top rope and connected with the El Guerrero Frog Splash. He would try to pin Sebastian but they were all distracted by the massive KC Montero who jumped on the apron. Mr. Sy tried to get Montero off the apron but was swatted away in the process. Panzer gave Montero a kick to take him off the apron. While the ref’s back was turned, Sebastian delivered a swift kick to Panzer’s groin. John Sebastian ended the match with his Kill Shot and pinned Panzer 1-2-3.

PWR-Wrevolution-X-Results-The-Show-of-shows-when-in-manila-sy-downJohn Sebastian and KC Montero stand over a fallen Mr. Sy

PWR-Wrevolution-X-Results-The-Show-of-shows-when-in-manila-sy-upPanzer raises Mr. Sy’s arm in the air

KC Montero and John Sebastian ‘extended the olive branch’ to Mr. Sy and invited him to enter the ring. They asked him to shake KC’s hand and they will tell him the good news. Mr. Sy didn’t shake KC’s hand at first but eventually did. Mr. Sy got lowblowed and KC Montero said that Sy was officially FIRED as PWR General Manager. With Mr. Sy down, KC Montero told John Sebastian to deliver a caning to the former PWR GM. The Ace of the Royal Flush happily obliged as he delivered a hard cane shot to the back of the now fired Mr. Sy. The bad guys left the ring while Mr. Sy was still reeling from the caning. Mr. Sy, with the help of Chris Panzer, got back to his feet and thanked the PWR audience for everything before he left ringside.

PWR-Wrevolution-X-Results-The-Show-of-shows-when-in-manila-main-event-1JDL and Ralph send the PWR Champ to the ropes

PWR-Wrevolution-X-Results-The-Show-of-shows-when-in-manila-main-event-2JDL drops the elbow on Ralph

PWR Championship Match: Bryan Leo © vs Jake De Leon vs Ralph Imabayashi

At the start, it was Ralph Imabayashi and Jake De Leon targeting Bryan Leo. JDL delivered a dropkick to Leo before Ralph connected with a clothesline on the champion. JDL connected with a super kick and Ralph added a bicycle kick before Leo rolled to the outside. JDL instructed Ralph to run to the ropes before he blasts him with a super kick and pinned him. Ralph kicked out at 2 and it became JDL vs Ralph.   JDL dropped the elbow (bay-beh!) on Ralph for a 2 count. JDL took Ralph to the mat with a snapmare. JDL delivered a mighty slap on the back before hitting Ralph with a hard kick. JDL connected with his cartwheel splash. The Senyorito delivered some hard shoulder charges to Imabayashi on the corner while Bryan Leo continued to buy his time outside the ring. Bryan Leo tried to sneak back into the ring but JDL caught him and delivered a superkick. Imabayashi fought back and started to stomp on JDL. Ralph delivered a couple of clubs to the back of JDL before taking him down with a fameasser. Imabayashi continued his assault with a clothesline to JDL on the ring corner before following up with a crossbody.


Ralph locks in the sharpshooter on JDL

PWR-Wrevolution-X-Results-The-Show-of-shows-when-in-manila-main-event-4Ralph comes off the top rope to deliver a diving knee on JDL

Ralph locked in the sharpshooter on Jake De Leon but Bryan Leo was there for the save as he dragged JDL to the outside of the ring. Imabayashi went to the top rope and laid out both JDL and Leo with a flying elbow drop. An incensed Bryan Leo attacked Ralph Imabayashi outside and punctuated things with a diving headbutt. JDL and Leo re-enter the ring and locked up. The PWR Champion and the Senyorito would so do some chain wrestling against each other while Ralph continued to recover outside the ring. Scarlett, however, would approach a recovering Ralph and deliver a painful slap across his face. Back inside the ring, JDL has Leo in an ankle lock for a while before the champion got out and started to work on JDL’s leg. Bryan Leo placed JDL in a figure four in the ring while Ralph slowly got his way to the top rope. Ralph successfully landed a flying knee drop onto JDL, thus breaking the figure four of Bryan Leo. Ralph and Leo traded some forearm smashes before the champion got Ralph in a leg lock. JDL re-entered the ring and clotheslined Bryan Leo.

PWR-Wrevolution-X-Results-The-Show-of-shows-when-in-manila-main-event-5Bryan Leo locks both JDL and Ralph in separate holds

PWR-Wrevolution-X-Results-The-Show-of-shows-when-in-manila-main-event-6Leo delivers the Royal Flushdown on PWR Referee Matt Roxas

The Senyorito and Imabayashi would soon trade forearm smashes at each other, giving Leo the opportunity to take them out with a double clothesline from the top. Bryan Leo put on an impressive display of power and technique as he delivered a Fisherman’s Suplex to Ralph Imabayashi while he put JDL in an Indian Deathlock at the same time. Leo didn’t end his combo moves yet as he would go on to lock JDL in a figure four while he had Ralph trapped in a headlock. The two challengers freed themselves of Leo’s grasps a few seconds later. JDL and Leo would then battle at the top turnbuckle before Ralph inserted himself in the middle to launch all three of them back to the mat. Ralph looked to try and control the action, but Bryan Leo forced him into one corner, setting him up for the first world express. Sad to say, Bryan Leo missed his patented corner maneuver and Ralph sent him down with a Samoan drop. JDL grabbed Ralph and delivered a Gory Bomb. JDL turned around only to be caught by Bryan Leo for the Royal Flushdown! Leo pined JDL 1-2…but JDL kicked out! Bryan Leo was angry about the pace of counting that he delivered the Royal Flushdown on PWR referee Matt Roxas!


PWR-Wrevolution-X-Results-The-Show-of-shows-when-in-manila-main-event-8JDL with the Alipin Drop

Bryan Leo kicked JDL’s groin and Ralph took JDL down with his rendition of the Alipin Drop. Bryan Leo delivered his Painful Classic Wreckage (PCW) slam on Ralph Imabayashi before he bailed out of the ring. Leo grabbed a couple of wooden tables from the crowd area and re-entered the ring to grab JDL. He planned to deliver the PCW Slam on JDL through two tables but before he would do so, Ralph snuck up on him to deliver a Sonic Crusher through the table! All three competitors crashed on the two wooden tables and the fans went “Holy s***!” after it happened. Ralph quickly rolled Bryan Leo back into the ring and pinned him, but there was no referee awake to count the pin. JDL re-entered the ring and delivered the Alipin Drop on Imabayashi! JDL caught a recovering Bryan Leo and delivered an Alipin Drop on the champion. JDL pinned Bryan Leo 1-2-3! Jake De Leon finally reclaimed the PWR Championship!

PWR-Wrevolution-X-Results-The-Show-of-shows-when-in-manila-ralph-jdl-hugThe two friends hug it out


After the match, Ralph Imabayashi grabbed the PWR Championship belt and stared down with JDL before he handed it over. Both men hugged it out in the middle of the ring, re-establishing their friendship. JDL then went on to thank and celebrate his PWR title win with the fans to close out the event.

PWR-Wrevolution-X-Results-The-Show-of-shows-when-in-manila-main-event-10Jake De Leon = The NEW PWR Champion

All in all, PWR Wrevolution X was a great event. Every match in the card delivered and the fans were pretty much into the entire action that night. We would like to give a huge shout out to the men and women at Philippine Wrestling Revolution for putting on an amazing show that Saturday night at the iACADEMY Auditorium. The show not only featured the wrestlers but also celebrities such as Ramon Bautista, Stanley Chi, Jojo the Love Survivor (yeah, it was him, I admit it) and KC Montero.This writer is pretty much excited on PWR’s direction in the next few months. Once again, thanks guys, and more PoWeR (not the drink) to the people of PWR and to the Revo-Nation!

Photos By: Hub Pacheco

WIM Photos by: Martin Vicencio and Jonathan Guillermo

PWR Wrevolution X 2016 Quick Results

Pre-Show Match 1: Delerium d. Chaos and Mike Madrigal via pinfall

Pre-Show Match 2: Bruno Bernardo and The Machine d. Ramon Bautista and unnamed partner via pinfall

Pre-Show Match 3: Bruno Bernardo and The Machine d. Los Trabajadores via pinfall

Rederick Mahaba d. James “Idol” Martinez via submission

Miguel Rosales d. Ken Warren via pinfall

Chino “Golden Boy” Guinto won the PHX Gauntlet Match after eliminating Crystal via pinfall

PHX Championship Match: Main Maxx © d. Chino Guinto via pinfall

All Out War Match: Apocalypse d. Kanto Terror via pinfall

First Blood Match: Peter Versoza d. Bombay Suarez via first blood

John Sebastian d. Chris Panzer via pinfall, firing PWR General Manager Mr. Sy in the process

PWR Championship Match: Jake De Leon d. Bryan Leo © and Ralph Imabayashi to win the PWR Championship


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