PWR Wrevolution X Results: The Show of Shows

PWR-Wrevolution-X-Results-The-Show-of-shows-when-in-manila-yolo-entranceYOLO’s entrance is all #SWAG

PHX Gauntlet Match: Yohann “YOLO” Ollores vs Vintendo vs SANDATA vs Joey Bax vs Trabajador Uno vs Chino Guinto vs Crystal vs Mark D. Manalo



PWR-Wrevolution-X-Results-The-Show-of-shows-when-in-manila-manaloManalo sends Yohann to the mat

Yohann Ollores and Vintendo started the gauntlet match. Vintendo displayed his strength and size over Ollores, throwing his opponent around in the early going. He backed YOLO in the corner to deliver a flurry of slaps. Vintendo sent YOLO to the mat with a powerful gorilla press slam. YOLO took Vintendo by surprise with a quick neckbreaker for 2. YOLO kicked Vintendo around before he trapped him in a side headlock. YOLO stopped a Vintendo comeback with an axe handle smash from the second rope for a 2 count. YOLO hit a devastating superkick on Vintendo for a near fall. Vintendo fought back with a hadouken that sent his opponent to the corner. Vintendo, after he delivered a SHORYUKEN~! Uppercut on the corner, was ready to finish things off with his chokeslam. YOLO escaped the chokeslam attempt and delivered his One Night Stand for the pinfall, eliminating Vintendo. Mark D. Manalo  was the next entrant and both men did a few rollup pins at the early going. YOLO connected with a DDT on MDM for a 2 count. YOLO, with Mark D. Manalo on the outside of the ring, launched himself off the ring with a dive. Both men returned to the ring and MDM delivered an impressive blue thunder bomb for two. MDM tried to finish things off with a TKO but only got a 2 count. YOLO got back into the fray with a deadly superkick on MDM and followed up with a dropkick on the corner for two. Mark D. Manalo, however, eliminated YOLO following a rollup.

PWR-Wrevolution-X-Results-The-Show-of-shows-when-in-manila-spitYOLO spits on Manalo

PWR-Wrevolution-X-Results-The-Show-of-shows-when-in-manila-bax-sandata1SANDATA has the ankle lock on Bax

Joey Bax was the next competitor. The Fighter 4 Hire delivered a serious beating to MDM outside the ring. Bax entered the ring and attempted to deliver the Hit on MDM but it was blocked. MDM gained the upperhand as he worked on Bax’s legs. Bax grabbed MDM and dragged him face-first on the ring ropes. Both men went down after they hit each other with a double shoulderblock. Bax delivered a jawbreaker on Manalo before he reeled him in for a suplex. MDM blocked Bax’s second suplex attempt . Bax made a small comeback with a ‘sling blade’ on MDM for a near fall. Manalo took out Bax with a superkick out of nowhere. Mark D. Manalo was about to do something from the top but Ollores (who was still at ringside after he was eliminated) spat out some drink on MDM’s face, distracting the promdi. Joey Bax finished MDM’s time in the gauntlet with a maneuver called the ‘Big Ending’ for the three count. SANDATA entered next and started to deliver some hard kicks to Bax. The masked warrior started to work on Bax’s wounded leg area with some holds and kicks. The crowd started to chant “Tito Joey” at some point of this matchup. Bax tried to fight back but SANDATA was in control after a dropkick to the legs. DDT by SANDATA garnered a 2 count before he connected with a running knee strike for another 2 count. SANDATA eliminated Joey Bax with an ankle lock and Bax succumbed to the hold, tapping out seconds thereafter. El Trabajador Uno was the next brave soul to enter the match…only to get eliminated by SANDATA with a vicious Busaiku Knee Kick for the pinfall victory.

PWR-Wrevolution-X-Results-The-Show-of-shows-when-in-manila-sandatakickSANDATA hits one hard kick across the chest of the Golden Boy

PWR-Wrevolution-X-Results-The-Show-of-shows-when-in-manila-chino-sandataChino Guinto attempts to deliver something from the corner

Chino Guinto of the Network was the next entrant and both he and SANDATA traded some forearm smashes. SANDATA took Guinto to the mat with a flying clothesline. Chino caught SANDATA with a forearm on his way back for a 2 count. Chino tried to pin SANDATA again after delivering a huge suplex. Chino connected with a double knee on the face of SANDATA for a pin, but the masked warrior kicked out. Chino backed SANDATA at one corner and delivered some shots before punctuating his assault with a running boot to the face and pin.

SANDATA broke the pin at 2 and started to fight back with an assortment of dropkicks and knee strikes. SANDATA delivered a couple of hard kicks to the chest of Chino before he tried to deliver his pabasag hurracanrana-facebuster. Chino caught SANDATA before he would deliver the pabasag and tried to powerbomb his opponent. SANDATA, however, took him down with a hurracanrana. Chino followed SANDATA at the ring corner and tried to attack him. SANDATA fought back and managed to deliver an impressive frankensteiner on Chino from the top turnbuckle. SANDATA was ready to finish things off as he put on the anklelock on Chino Guinto. Guinto was tapping out, but Bruno Bernardo distracted the referee so that Guinto would not be eliminated from the gauntlet. SANDATA released Guinto and paid for it with a low blow. Guinto capitalized on the moment and took out SANDATA with the Gold Digger curb stomp.

PWR-Wrevolution-X-Results-The-Show-of-shows-when-in-manila-crystal-chino1Chino Guinto grounds Crystal

PWR-Wrevolution-X-Results-The-Show-of-shows-when-in-manila-crystal-chinoCrystal has Chino locked in

Crystal was the final entrant of the match. Both competitors traded some quick pins at the start of the match before Guinto used his strength to deliver some clubbing blows to his opponent. Chino locked in a couple of submission moves on Crystal to ground his opponent. Chino would then use his boot to choke Crystal at one point. Crystal got out of Chino’s clutches and delivered a savage slap to his face. Crystal charged at Chino, but the latter launched her into the air before connecting with a European Uppercut.  Crystal fought back yet again and connected with the crotchplex on Chino for a near pinfall. Crystal had Chino in the octopus hold but Chino reached for the ropes. She took down Chino with a leg takedown and Guinto was laid on the middle rope, setting him up for Crystal’s 6-1-9!!! Crystal tried to finish things off but she was distracted by Scarlett from the Royal Flush. Chino used this opportunity to stungun Crystal on the ropes and drag her in for the Gold Digger. Chino pinned Crystal 1-2-3 and moved on to face the PHX Champion.

PWR-Wrevolution-X-Results-The-Show-of-shows-when-in-manila-chino-maxxChino delivers a flying knee drop to the PHX Champ

PWR-Wrevolution-X-Results-The-Show-of-shows-when-in-manila-chino-maxx-2Main Maxx has Chino trapped with the Maxximum Mutilation 

For the PHX Championship: Main Maxx © vs Chino Guinto

It was the Royal Flush (Maxx) vs the Network (Guinto). Guinto surprised Maxx with a face rake, but the bigger man backed him into the corner. Maxx delivered a round of shoulder charges on Guinto before he unloaded some punches and a hard spin kick to the stomach. Maxx dominated Chino in the early going with some hard chops and bodyslams. Chino tripped Maxx and started to attack Maxx on the legs. Main Maxx fought back with a hard knee strike and a suplex. Maxx delivered a kip up after the suplex and waited for Chino to recover. Main Maxx delivered a clothesline on Guinto. He followed up his assault with an inverted atomic drop, a spin kick and a big boot. Main Maxx delivered a rolling senton on Chino for a 2 count. Main Maxx missed a splash from the top and Chino delivered a double knee attack on the Perfect 10 for 2. Chino connected with a flying elbow drop on Main Maxx for yet another 2 count. Main Maxx caught Chino Guinto locked in his Maxximum Mutilation submission hold. Bruno Bernardo yet again distracted the referee once Chino was tapping out. Chino caught Maxx by surprise with a codebreaker but only got a 2 count. Chino Guinto connected with a Gold Digger on Main Maxx and pinned him 1-2-but Maxx had his foot on the ropes. An oblivious Chino Guinto grabbed the PHX title and started to celebrate thinking that he won the match. Main Maxx slammed Guinto down to the mat and finished things off with the Blitzkreig chokebomb for the victory. Main Maxx retained his PWR PHX Title.

PWR-Wrevolution-X-Results-The-Show-of-shows-when-in-manila-apocApocalypse enters the ring

PWR-Wrevolution-X-Results-The-Show-of-shows-when-in-manila-kt-apoc-1Apocalypse takes down Kanto Terror

All Out War Match: The Apocalypse vs Kanto Terror

The match was a long time coming for Kanto Terror who was looking for revenge after being taken out of the active roster by Apocalypse last year. The Apocalypse, who was sporting a new mask, looked to silence the siga from Barangay 69, Mandaluyong City.  Kanto Terror tried to take Apocalypse down with some clotheslines, but to no avail. Apocalypse sent KT down with a throat thrust. Apocalypse blasted KT with a beer can and took off his opponent’s jacket. Apocalypse would toss said jacket towards KT’s direction before delivering some clubbing blows to his opponent. Apocalypse left the ring to look for items. While he was on his quest to grab some foreign objects, the crowd started to chant “Sitaw”, suggesting him to grab the said vegetable. He pulled out something long and green, but it was a clothes hanger. Apocalypse attempted to attack KT with the huge hanger but was blocked. KT delivered a DDT on Apocalypse before he unloaded on him with the hanger. Apocalypse slowly rose up and fought back against KT. At one point in the match, Mark D. Manalo charged to ringside with a beer bucket as a helmet. He launched himself (with his ‘helmet’ still on) and delivered a flying headbutt on Apocalypse. MDM pulled KT out of the ring to regroup, but Beer Promdi was met with a suicide dive from Apocalypse.


Double beer can shot on the Apocalypse!!!

PWR-Wrevolution-X-Results-The-Show-of-shows-when-in-manila-kt-apoc-3Readying for the Death Bell

All three men fought through the crowd. Kanto Terror was assaulting Apocalypse with any item he could find. However, Apocalypse was too strong for both men. Upon his return to the ring, MDM tried his best to spray ‘baygon’ on Apocalypse but it was not effective. The masked man smothered MDM’s face with the baygon spray can before he would be downed by Beer Promdi. Kanto Terror and Mark D. Manalo smashed their respective beer cans on the head of Apocalypse.

KT delivered  back elbow smash to the back of Apocalypse’s head before MDM connected with a spear. KT pinned Apocalypse but only got a 2. MDM tried to attack Apocalypse with the hanger but the masked man delivered the Death Bell. Kanto Terror would get the same fate as Apocalypse pinned him 1-2-3 after the Death Bell.

PWR-Wrevolution-X-Results-The-Show-of-shows-when-in-manila-bombay-pvBombay is ready for war!

First Blood Match: Bombay Suarez vs Peter Versoza

“The Jack of All Babes(?)” Peter Versoza took on the  “B*tch Killer” Bombay Suarez in a brutal match. Bombay delivered some hard punches to PV before he took him down with a hiptoss. Suarez connected with a DDT on PV before he hit a bicycle kick to PV’s face. Bombay went to the second rope and hit a leg drop on PV. PV fought back with a  DDT of his own against the former PHX champion. Versoza took out the padding on the turnbuckle and slammed Bombay face first into the exposed area. Incredibly, Bombay was not fazed by the attack. PV tried to hit him once more, but Bombay still didn’t budge. Versoza attacked Bombay on the corner before Bombay made a comeback with a bulldog takedown. Bombay tossed Versoza to the outside and Bombay went to work on him. PV was slammed face-first to the monoblock chair before he was sent hitting the steel steps. Bombay pulled out a wooden stick from the ring apron and used it to choke the life out of his opponent. PV blocked Bombay’s suplex attempt and sent Bombay down with a suplex of his own. Both men continued their brawl outside, and at one point Bombay even dragged PV near the stage and slammed him repeatedly on the ringside speakers. Bombay even did a little ‘microphone’ spot afterwards before both men returned inside the ring. Versoza delivered an Alabama Slam to Bombay inside the ring. PV grabbed Bombay and dragged him face first to the ring ropes. Versoza followed up his offense with an inverted DDT and a running knee to the face of his opponent. Versoza had a flurry of punches at his opponent, but Bombay seemed unfazed and asked for more. Bombay struck back with a big boot to the face of his opponent. PV caught Bombay climbing to the top turnbuckle and took him down with a superplex. Bombay was prone on the ring apron and PV connected with a beautiful spin kick to the face that sent Bombay back to the outside of the ring.

PWR-Wrevolution-X-Results-The-Show-of-shows-when-in-manila-bombay-pv-3Bombay brings out a barbwire wrapped bat

PWR-Wrevolution-X-Results-The-Show-of-shows-when-in-manila-bombay-pv-2PV with the Petegree on the bat!

Peter Versoza launched himself to the outside and connected with a dive on Bombay Suarez. Bombay was sent crashing hard to the steel steps by Versoza. While Bombay was down, Versoza threw an assortment of water bottles, food containers and soda cans on his opponent. Bombay fought back and tossed PV back into the ring. Before he would re-enter, Suarez pulled out a barbwire-wrapped baseball bat. Bombay tried to use the bat, but PV would kick him and deliver the Petegree on Bombay face first on the barbwire bat. Bombay drew blood and PV won the match. Versoza delivered a SECOND Petegree on Bombay through the bat. PV wasn’t done yet with his assault as he grated Bombay’s forehead with the barbwire bat before he and Scarlett left the ringside area.

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