Love Pets? These Pet-Inspired Products Will Brighten Up Your Homes and Hearts

I’ve always loved pets. From an early age, I made sure that I always had a pet at home. Since my mom used to be terrified of dogs, those pets usually consisted of rabbits, hamsters and turtles. This year, I was finally allowed to get a puppy and, boy, was it a completely different ballpark.

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Getting a puppy completely changed my entire outlook on pets. Aside from being high maintenance, they are also so much more lovable than any other pet I’ve had in my life. As such, it shouldn’t be as surprise that I started falling in love with all things dog-related. So, when I stumbled upon The Inspired Pup, it was love at first sight.

The Inspired Pup is basically an online hub that designs and products adorable and quirky (yet also very useful) pet-inspired products. As the name suggests, all of the products that they carry are inspired by different kinds of pets. While they aren’t actually for your pets, they are for you – as a pet lover – instead. Their goal? To complete your home and fill your hearts!

And that is exactly what they did for me.

Check out this adorable slipper and umbrella holder!

Need to share notes with the family? Use this cute kitty magnet to stick notes on your fridge.

The mission of The Inspired Pup is to provide customers with unique products of superior quality that can either be kept as personal belongings or used as special gifts for loved ones. This makes them perfect for the holiday season. If you know anyone who loves pets or just animals, in general, you might really want to take their products into consideration.

Other items that they carry include coasters, succulent holders, plant holders, book keepers, clocks, labeler plates, jewelry holders – and they’re not just limited to cats and dogs, either. They’ve got items modeled after owls and rabbits, and even penguins, for example, just to name a few of the other animals that they get inspired by.

Keep your paper from flying off with pet-inspired paperweights, too.

The Inspired Pup also aims to provide products that will help make everyday tasks easier, may it be at home or at work. That’s why all of their products serve a purpose aside from just being incredibly cute.

The Inspired Pup also does product research and development on a continuous basis. They listen to customers’ suggestions and are up-to-date when it comes to both technology and the latest trends in the Philippines and abroad. Having said that, you know that you can look forward to nothing but even more fun and useful items from The Inspired Pup in the future.

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Check out the rest of their items on social media and see if anything strikes your fancy. We’re sure you’ll find at least one item that you’ll love or that you’ll be able to give someone as a gift this Christmas!

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