Perfect Gift Idea: Light Grooves Light Up Earphones

Are you still wondering what gift to give your friend who loves to run? Why not give them a pair of intelligent earphones that are champions in terms of both aesthetics and functionality?


Light Grooves, a well-known product brand under Amazing Creative, has recently unveiled the newest addition to its line of awesome products. It’s none other than the Light Up Earphones, an intelligent pair of earphones that flashes to the beat of music the user is listening to.

See the beat as the light flashes to it.



Worried about your friend’s habit of running at night? No problem! Through this pair of earphones, they can be seen even from afar. And since this pair of earphones flashes to the beat of the music they are listening to, they will look even cooler.

Work for two to three hours on a single charge.

This pair of earphones won’t let any user down! Since it can work for two to three hours on a single charge, anyone who uses it can cover longer distances when running. No wonder each run is filled with so much fun!

Just imagine listening to all of the upbeat songs you love while working out.

Enjoy flexibility.


Flexibility is another strength of this pair of earphones. It works with any music-playing device as long as it has a slot for 3.5mm jack. That means it can be used both for mobile phones and MP3 players. It can be charged using a laptop, too.

Be impressed with its high quality sound.

What makes this product really amazing is the fact that it also produces high quality sound. In other words, even your audiophile friend will fall in love with it. It is not like other pairs of earphones that are mere eye candies but are not capable of producing ear-gasmic sound.

Answer calls through the cable device or talk using the built-in speaker.

Who says that you need to automatically disconnect from the rest of the world while working out? Through this pair of earphones, answering calls while working out is a breeze because it has a button that allows the user to switch to phone mode when there is an incoming call. Once a call is accepted, the user may opt to talk to the person on the other line through the cable device or using the built-in speaker. After the call, they may then switch back to music mode again. Yes, it’s that easy!

This is definitely the ultimate gift for your friend who loves to run. This is also perfect for anyone who lives an active life or anyone who just wants anything novel and fun. With a pair of Light Up Earphones from Light Grooves, you will never go wrong.


Light Grooves Light Up Earphones come in three different colors: blue, green, and pink. Each pair comes with  pairs of earbuds in small, medium, and large sizes. A user manual and a charging cord are also included.

The SRP for Light Grooves is Php 1,200. For more info, visit