Party Planning Checklist: 6 Basic Must-Haves for a Great Party

Christmas is almost upon us and you know what that means: parties and reunions left and right! If you tend to host parties but haven’t done so in a while, this checklist is here to help ensure that yours is nothing but a huge success.

Party Planning Checklist: 6 Basic Must-Haves for a Great Party

6. A Proper Theme

Every great party has a theme! Some people mistakenly think that themes will be seen as corny or childish but the truth is: a theme is actually a great help for guests. Not only will it help them figure out what to wear but it also allows them to get creative and let loose.

By setting a theme, you can also set the mood of the entire party, as well as ensure that every photo you take together ends up looking well put together. You don’t have to rack your brain too hard for this, either. If you don’t want to do anything too fancy or outrageous, something as simple as a color or dress code would be enough.

Party Theme

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5. Cute Decorations

Some people find decorations unnecessary or get too lazy to put them up, but decorations can actually set a great mood. You can even set up a cute backdrop for photos to ensure that everyone is able to snap unique shots of the night.

Setting up decorations will also earn you brownie points from your guests since they will feel how much effort you put into the party to make them feel welcome and extra special.

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4. Enough Food

Having enough food at your party is extremely important. After all, the last thing you want is to run out of chips and have to do a grocery run when you’re already at the height of the party. This is why it’s so important to confirm the headcount of your party beforehand. This will ensure that you cook, make, or order enough food to keep everyone full.

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Another rule of thumb is that it’s better to over-prepare and have too much food than to under-prepare and not have enough. Besides, we’re Filipinos. Just have takeout containers ready – or, if you want, ask them to bring their own – so everyone can bring some food home after the party.

3. The Right Beverages

Beverages are also important for every party – and if your crowd drinks alcohol, it’s all the more important to have good booze as well. We’d recommend having a healthy mix of every kind – water, soda, juice, and alcohol. If you don’t know what type of alcohol to get, Jinro soju is always a good choice! Not only is it a flexible drink but it’s also the perfect pair for drinking games.

What’s more, provided you don’t mix Jinro with any other type of alcohol, your guests will have much better chances of not ending up with a horrible hangover in the morning. Since you’ll already be stocking up on soda and juice, all of Jinro’s flavors can be easily mixed with them to create delicious cocktails as well.

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2. Fun Games

Having said that, it would be a good idea to have some games ready for your party. Depending on the theme, who’s going, and how long your party is; you should prepare games that everyone is sure to enjoy.

Board games and video games are safe choices, but you might want to go for more interactive games like beer pong, getting-to-know-you card games, or basic drinking games that test your mind at the same time. There are many options on the Internet so we’d recommend doing some research beforehand.

Categories is one of the most fun drinking games for any group and is a great pairing for Jinro soju. You can download fun and simple apps like Pinoy Henyo as well. Just have the loser take a shot.

1. A Good Mood

This goes without saying but you have to put yourself in the right mindset before your guests even arrive. Whether that means having a cup of coffee, doing yoga, or just listening to good music, it’s important to be in a good mood before your guests arrive. After all, you will be greeting them at the door so your demeanor will set the mood for the party from the get-go.

With these basic tips in mind, we hope you end up with nothing but amazing parties this holiday season and beyond with the help of Jinro – the perfect alcoholic drink for every occasion. And remember: drink moderately.

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