Jinro Has Just Released a New Soju Flavor – and It’s Delicious

Calling all my fellow soju lovers! Whether you’ve just started to discover the deliciousness of soju thanks to Korean dramas or have been a fan of this easy-to-drink alcoholic beverage for a while now; there is one brand name that has always stood out in the world of soju, and that’s Jinro.

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Photo by Gizelle Caoile

Take it from me: during the peak of my obsession with the Hallyu wave, I tried all sorts of brands and Jinro is the one that truly stood out in terms of taste. When my friends tell me they’ve tried soju but weren’t a big fan, I always ask them if they tried “the right brand”… because let’s face it: the brand really makes a difference.

In case you didn’t know, soju isn’t all created the same. Jinro, in particular, uses a special patented bamboo-charcoal filtration process that produces a balanced soju composition. This explains why it goes down so smoothly despite having a very distinct taste of alcohol. This special filtration system is also what we have to thank for not having bad hangovers in the morning after a Jinro drinking session. (Of course, don’t forget to drink in moderation!)

What’s more, if you think the original taste of soju is a bit too strong for you, Jinro has a wide variety of different flavors available for you to choose from. In fact, they just released a new flavor to keep things interesting – and I love it so much! Say hello to Jinro Peach!

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Photo by Gizelle Caoile

From candy to alcoholic beverages, peach has always been one of my go-to flavors so it makes sense that I am ecstatic to share that it is now in the lineup of Jinro flavors to choose from alongside Green Grape, Strawberry, Plum, and Grapefruit. If you’re a lover of peach too, then you definitely need to try out this new flavor now!

Jinro Peach will soon be available in leading supermarkets nationwide and through their official store links here: LazadaShopeeBooze ShopBoozyLiquorPH, and Clink. To stay up-to-date with new offerings and promos, follow them on Facebook and Instagram.

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