Party Better Than American Pie with Plato, THE College Party Place

Four years should not go wasted. College years when in Manila can be uneventful – unless you know how to party smart, mixing fun (think games and gimmicks) and the right kind and amount of alcohol (because puke pictures last forever). When it comes to the best college party place in Manila, you will need to get yourself to Plato, home of wicked gimmicks, crazy drinks, and feel good vibe.

The Ultimate College Party Place

Located a few minutes away from De La Salle University and sitting comfortably at the back of Sherwood Place at Taft Avenue, Plato is all about creating the ultimate college party place experience. It all starts with providing the very essence of an awesome college party place: the fun.


Plato College Party Place - Plato Logo jsncruz


Plato: The Ultimate College Party Place for undergrads, grads, and partygrads.

On a typical evening at Plato, you’re likely to see teams square-off against each other in a game of Beer Pong. What’s the incentive for teams to do well? Other than beating the seasoned regular Beer Pong players of Plato, there’s the MMA-style champion’s belt as well.


Plato College Party Place jsncruz - beer pong kelvin orellana

Plato’s Marketing Head Chase at a round of beer pong.


Plato College Party Place jsncruz - beer pong belt

The Belt.


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