Outbreak Manila 2013!

When in Manila and you love to run or you enjoy being chased by zombies or you just simply want to have fun… Then you better be part of Outbreak Manila!

Outbreak Manila is an annual “event” or should I say 5K run wherein runners/non-runners can join and have the time of their lives as zombies chase them thru the finish line!

Last April 13, 2013 as seven thousand (excited) runners signed up for this event, I on the other hand decided to become a zombie. I’ve always wanted to join the horde and chase other people.


Untitled-1My Before and After Shot 

My cousins and I decided to be “Starguts” Baristas for the run.

We were all thrilled as we enter the white tent somewhere in the middle of Bonifacio Global City

DSC_0002wtmkOur “normal” selves


Transformation begins now…



DSC_0005wtmkCut! Rip! And make it all gooey was their tip for our costumes!



My Makeup Artist carefully placing some (sweet) blood on my cheeks




They did a very good job in transforming us…





There were different “Zones” during the run wherein the runners will have to go through different “obstacles”/courses which made the run even more exciting!


DSC_0021wtmkZone 2 Starguts Zombies


DSC_0035wtmkThe Starguts Baristas are coming!!!



My 1st Victim—my son!!