Osaka Ohsho: “The World’s Number 1 Gyoza is Now In Manila!”

Osaka Ohsho: “The World’s Number 1 Gyoza is Now In Manila!”


When in Manila, the King of Gyoza has arrived!

Japanese food have invaded the Metro —  from ramen places growing all around town up to the katsu craze that swept us all. This 2014, it’s the time of the gyoza to shine! Hailing from its hometown — Japan, Osaka Ohsho is now in the Philippines! It has recently opened it’s first branch in Mega Fashion Mall and we immediately headed our way there to sink our teeth on their famous gyoza!



Enjoying my Strawberry Passionfruit Fizz while waiting for my gyoza fix

Osaka Ohsho is hailed to having the world’s #1 gyoza and has around 370 branches across the Southeast Asia countries (36o in Japan alone) and continuously growing it’s franchise across the globe.


Osaka Ohsho’s interior gives off that casual dining vibe and inspired by both traditional and modern Japanese elements.

We get to chat with Osaka Ohsho’s general Manager, Mr. Tomoho Miyazawa and he gave us a short history of Osaka Ohsho’s humble beginnings and how their gyoza made its way to claiming the number 1 spot in the world. Their master chefs in Japan have trained rigorously for month to perfect their handmade gyoza.

Truth to be told, Osaka Ohsho’s is by far the best gyoza I’ve tasted!


Bright and spacious!


The booth tables are perfect for groups!


Enough talking, let’s get eating!


Osaka Ohsho Original Gyoza


Osaka Ohsho’s gyoza is the star of the show which boasts of its crispy and sturdy exterior and moist and packed filling. And boy, they weren’t kidding. I was am impressed with how they managed to keep the skin thin but it doesn’t break even after dipping it on their available sauces. 

They offer three gyoza flavors: the Osaka Ohsho Original, Nori and Cheese. Yes, you’ve read that right — CHEESE! I was a little skeptic at first but when the crunch sounded on my mouth and the pork filling with just the right ooze of cheese reached my tastebuds, I immediately had an new favorite! You have to try it for yourself! 

You can dip your gyoza in their Original sauce, Miso or Chili Oil. I prefer mixing the Original and Miso sauces! I can easily down a dozen of their gyoza (no kidding)!



Nori Gyoza


The OH-SHO good Cheese Gyoza! A little trivia — the Cheese gyoza is only served here in the Philippines. Osaka Ohsho tailors their gyoza to cater to the taste of their market.


Their Original gyoza are Php175 for 6pcs. and Php350 for a dozen. For the Cheese and Nori gyoza, 6pcs. are Php190 and a dozen for Php380.

You can also take home their famous gyoza in frozen packs for the same price as above (best for late night cravings!), although  I’m just not sure if I can recreate the same cooked outcome since they use a special griller to cook it.  


After stuffing myself with lotsa gyoza, I don’t know how my stomach expanded its capacity and made space for more of Osaka Ohsho’s offerings.


I got to try their Chahan set  and a sampler of some of their appetizers. Chahan is fried rice using their imported Koshihikari rice on it.



Crab Cream Croquette – I actually liked this one but they could lessen the sauce.


Black Vinegar Chicken – Give me chicken and I’m not hard to please! Your palate might not get used to it immediately because of the tinge of sourness from the vinegar but this one’s really good.



No idea how I managed to finish this + gyoza (lots of it!) Haha! I guess it was that delish that my brain forgot to signal my body that I’m already full.


I had an awesome, belly-filling time in Osaka Ohsho and I can’t wait to go back and try their Special Fuwatoro Tenshin Han, which is a Koshihikari bowl topped with super fluffy omelette and warm gravy. Sounds mouthwatering. Wait for me, Osaka Ohsho! I’m coming back again soon to have my gyoza fix!



When In Manila, try the world’s Number 1 Gyoza in Osaka Ohsho! I highly recommend it! 


PS. Don’t forget to have the cheese flavored one. 😛



Osaka Ohsho

3/F Fashion Mall, SM Megamall Bldg. D

Contact Numbers: 631-7074 | 0917-8285011

Osaka Ohsho PH Facebook Page




Osaka Ohsho: “The World’s Number 1 Gyoza is Now In Manila!”


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