On Being A Call Center Worker: We Don’t Just Answer Calls , We Also Save Lives

We’ve heard heaps of misconceptions about people working at a call center.

6 Misconceptions of Working at a Call Center

From the excerpt of the controversial Teleserye, “The Borrowed Wife.”

Some people think call center workers are just a bunch of fresh graduates with more than enough money to handle; they are gadget-wielding people who don’t mind the time of day for a cold beer.

More often than not, they forget to see what’s beyond the job, what’s beyond the position, and what’s beyond the hardships and sacrifices one makes to get by.

Yes, all that may be true but beyond the gadgets, the gimmicks, and the out of town trips, I have come to find meaning in this industry. During my VXI days, our team had several community activities and we were very much active and supportive of the company’s initiatives.

For instance, we volunteered in a few community service projects such as disaster relief assistance and bloodletting programs.

Moreover, VXI employees and volunteers donate blood to the Red Cross every time there’s a blood drive. We literally filled up thousands of blood bags and to date, VXI has donated a total of 727 units of blood to the Philippine Red Cross.

Photo by Lifestyle Manila

Like me, my co-workers know how important bloodletting is. By donating blood we are saving a lot of lives, and most importantly, giving other people another chance to live and enjoy life. It might be painful and be draining but nothing beats the feeling of giving someone else a second shot at life.

Since VXI is passionate about their people, their efforts were recognized when VXI PH was given the Blood Services Platinum Award on July 20, 2017, held at the PRC Multipurpose Hall and Training Center in Mandaluyong City. PRC Chairman and CEO Richard J. Gordon and Department of Health Secretary Dr. Paulyn Jean B. Rosell-Ubial were present during the awarding ceremony.

Our Senior company physician Dr. Arnette De Guzman was present to accept the award.

Our Executive Vice President and Country Manager Jared Morrison said that “Helping save people’s lives by donating blood is a selfless and courageous act, and we promise to stay committed to this very important mission. Everyone here at VXI PH has embraced our employee value proposition Passion for People and that means extending whatever help we can offer to anybody and everybody, not just our employees”. He added that “The Blood Services Platinum Award is for each and every employee who came forward, volunteered, and donated blood. May this also inspire others to become donors in our future blood drives.”

This selfless act we do every time there is a blood drive is a great source of pride for our company. We have started this in 2006 and we will continue to do it as long as there are people who need blood and there are people who can have a second chance to live.

In the end, call center people don’t just answer phone calls – we also save lives. I wish people will see “call center” employees as lifesavers too, and not just mindless money spenders.

Truly, VXI wouldn’t be recognized by the ICT Awards as the Best Contact Center and BPO Company of the Year for nothing. They are the epitome of “Changing Lives.”

How about you? When was the last time you joined a bloodletting program? Let’s talk about it in the comments section below!


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