Starting as a Call Center Agent is not a waste of time

Everyone searches for the best opportunity available out there.

Admit it, we are seldom content (but in a good way!) since learning new things is always possible, and many companies today exert the effort to meet our needs and provide better alternatives for people who are not afraid to take a chance.

work from home

Before WAHMhood or Work-At-Home Motherhood

I can vividly remember those days when I was still searching for my element. I would hop from one BPO to another, trying to find my purpose in life.

One day, VXI opened its doors for me and believed in me. They gave me a chance, even though I didn’t have enough long-term call center experience. Their extensive training helped unleash my versatility. And most importantly, they believed that I am capable of winning with people.


Aww. I felt really nostalgic when VXI allowed me to join one of the product training classes at the MOA site. It brought back memories of my first love: customer service.

I guess that’s why I wasn’t surprised that they are consistently being hailed as one of the best places to work in the Philippines and as the provider in the BPO industry!

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I just heard that they won the coveted award in the 11th International ICT Awards held at the Marriot Grand Ballroom last March 22, 2017 – Best Contact Center and BPO Company of the Year Award!

And this is VXI’s first!

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The 11th International ICT Awards is all about acknowledging the contributions of organizations and individuals in the IT and BPO industry. VXI got the nod because everyone did an amazing job!


(L-R) Jovy Llanes, VP for Human Resources; Deanna Giner, VP for Global Shared Services; Jared Morrison, SVP and Country Manager – Philippines; Debbie Santos, VP for Talent Acquisition; Anant Singh, VP for Operations; Eppie Titong, VP for Operations

Not only did VXI take home the Best Contact Center and BPO Company of the Year Award, the company was also named the finalist in two categories:

  • Best Company of the Year
  • Best Employer of the Year

What a night for VXI! And what a way to begin the year, especially after VXI was named finalist twice last year by the esteemed Asia CEO Awards in the following categories:

  • 2016 Top Employer of the Year
  • 2016 Expatriate Executive of the Year

Finding better opportunities

I’m happy that VXI is being recognized. I’m proud to have been part of the company. There are lots of BPO companies out there but there are only a few you can trust. 

So, if you are thinking of taking a leap of faith in your life or in your career, maybe VXI’s statement below can help convince you that this is an opportunity worth exploring:

VXI is a high performing organization that takes amazing care of people. The company’s key to success is in its heart and soul. We’ve built trusting relationships and grown our business with authentic purpose – Passion for People. It simply means staying true to who we are and what we do in every aspect of our business. Our winning culture has a unique character that inspires passion and motivates people to excel over and over again.

We recognize that through the work that we do, we can make an impact on people’s lives – our employees and their families; our clients, customers, stakeholders; and our communities.

As a former VXI employee, I can say that this is more than a sales pitch: it’s a plan and a promise. I believe in VXI’s dedication in helping you unleash your full potential.

The upside? I’ve gained friends for keeps! In fact, one of them is now my business partner – Krystine Nombres.



Krystine, a former VXI employee turned business owner. I still couldn’t believe it, Tin! From struggling in the elevator so we arrive work on time to bestowing knowledge to our staff, the VXI way.

Krystine and I – as well as my several other former VXI colleagues – remained in touch, thanks to Facebook. We are still good friends!

So, let me tell you this: there are better, bigger, and brighter things ahead of you if you are not scared to take a leap of faith. If you are looking for a better career path, get out of your comfort zone!

Remember, a half-lived life is a life wasted. We only get one shot, so let’s make the most of it!

Spend your time with the right company that will introduce you to the right people, to the right opportunity, and ultimately, to the right environment.

Thank you VXI for molding me to become a better person!

Congratulations for winning the Best BPO and Contact Center of the Year award!


Do you believe starting as a call center agent is not a waste of time? Tell us your thoughts in the comments!

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