This Video Will Make Every Parent Working at a Call Center Feel More Proud

As we all know, parenting is hard. I know – I’m a mom of four beautiful children. In fact, the word “working mom” or “working dad” is redundant. Our job is considered the hardest in the world.

But for our children, they only need one thing: quality time.

However, the question is: how will you give quality time if your work doesn’t let you?

You know what, sometimes our kids make sense. And through their questions, we get to learn a lot of things. Oftentimes, they give us a wake-up call.


VXI video about kids


Last year, VXI Philippines (VXH PH) has touched millions of lives when they released their heartwarming video that went viral. It depicted some common misconceptions people have about working at a call center. According to VXI PH, the first Passion for People video is a notable contribution to the effort in spreading a positive perception regarding the BPO industry.

True to their commitment to delivering its promise of providing diverse opportunities for qualified individuals keen on becoming part of this award-winning and ever-growing company, they recently released another tear-jerker video.

But this time, it’s about the reason behind their passionate employees – their lovely children!

WATCH: VXI Philippines’ newest Passion for People video below:

VXI PH hopes that the second video has the same effect – entertain the audience as well as inform and educate, particularly about the challenges parents face when balancing work and family time and the rewards they reap for giving their best to make the most out of a difficult situation. Furthermore, through the new Passion for People video, viewers hopefully are inspired into believing that a happy family time is not impossible.

Truly, our children deserve quality time. I know that one way or another, our children appreciate all our hard work. They know that everything we do is for their future.

How about you? Are you spending your time on the right things? Because time is all you have.