OMG Cakes By Jen’s Baked California Roll Will Satisfy Your Sushi Bake Obsession

Unless you’re living under a rock, you’ve probably seen and heard of sushi bake by now. This new food craze of the season is made of your typical sushi ingredients… but deconstructed, layered in a platter, and baked.
BakedCaliforniaRoll 6
As a foodie who wouldn’t want to miss the chance to try out this quarantine food trend, I was delighted to find OMG Cakes By Jen. They specialize in desserts and cakes loved by many celebrities like Melai Cantiveros and Jasmine Curtis-Smith, among many others; but they also launched their Baked California Roll recently, their take on the sushi bake craze.
There are a lot of sushi bake choices now, but this one’s different and has a touching story behind it. Jen Chua, the proprietor, bakes these treats herself. She tells us that she began making them during quarantine and sent them out to her friends and some frontliners.
BakedCaliforniaRoll 2
Preparing the Baked California Roll has become her outlet whenever she feels anxious about the whole pandemic situation. Jen’s mornings, which were once filled with anxiety, turned into busy and happy mornings because of baking. She eventually decided to put it on her shop’s menu and it continues to be a crowd-pleaser with nothing but positive reviews.
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 Php1,450 per tray
When you order, you’ll get an 8×8 tray that can satisfy 3-4 persons. It amazes me how you’ll get a generous and rich portion of everything even from a very small slice. It’s one of the most nicely-baked sushi bakes I’ve seen and it’s so photogenic with its appetizing colors.
BakedCaliforniaRoll 4
They say it’s best eaten by getting a nori sheet and scooping some sushi onto it. In one bite, you’ll experience a delectable layer and combination of fluffy Japanese rice, Jen’s special sushi mix, Japanese mayo, hot sauce, cheese, sprinkled furikake, and caviar. That may sound like a lot, but the blend doesn’t overwhelm. In fact, it comes off as an addicting savory munch.
BakedCaliforniaRoll 3
Although given a different take, this baked roll doesn’t lose the same refreshing and fruity play of the mangoes as the conventional and well-loved California maki sushi rolls.
BakedCaliforniaRoll 1
If you love cheese, this Baked California Roll will instantly win your heart because every bite comes with gooey, cheesy goodness. I also shared this with some kids in our house and they loved it. I just had to warn them that it’s a bit spicy. I’ve also tried eating it warm and cold, and it tastes good either way.
To get your hands on this treat, just send them a personal message on Instagram and arrange for delivery.

OMG Cakes By Jen


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