Oliva Bistro Cafe: Where East Meets West

When In Manila, places that offer good food don’t take long to get noticed. We Filipinos love variety in what we eat and I believe that because of that, we are always in search of something new just to satisfy our cravings.

Not long ago, we stumbled upon Oliva Bistro Cafe, somewhere along Visayas Avenue. Plain looking on the outside, but amazingly complicated on the inside.

Oliva Bistro Cafe 2

Oliva Bistro Cafe

Oliva Bistro Cafe: Where East Meets West

Located along Visayas Avenue, Quezon City, Oliva Bistro Cafe is owned by Chef Kannan Jayaprakash Sreedevi–who also happens to be the man behind the kitchen. Chef Kannan took his culinary course and training in India. Later on,  he decided to continue studying, get more experience and eventually, he was hired in a hotel in Singapore. There, he met his other half, Eden Madridejos-Kannan, a Filipina engineer.

Oliva Bistro Cafe3

Oliva Bistro Cafe Owners: Chef Kannan Jayaprakash Sreedevi and Eden Madridejos-Kannan

With the love and passion for food, desire to share to families and friends, a dream come true, Oliva Bistro Cafe was born. From Italian to Indian, to Singaporean to Thai, Oliva Bistro Cafe is one one of the few in Manila that serves authentic international cuisines. Don’t get me wrong, here at Oliva, they don’t do fusion. What they do is they emphasize the original of taste of the dish, making it more palatable and something one will come back for.