Oliva Bistro Cafe: Where East Meets West

When In Oliva…

We waited outside for our seats to be prepared. After a few minutes, we were then escorted to our table by Eden, general manager and wife of Chef Kannan. I looked up the walls immediately noticed the unique designs.

I cannot resist, so I asked Eden about the walls. According to her, the walls will give the customers an overview of the different cuisines they serve.


Photo taken from Oliva’s Website 

Oliva Bistro Cafe Wall

Oliva Bistro Cafe Wall Layout

So, let me take a rundown of the dishes served to us.

For starters, Chef’s Wife Salad and Vietnamese Fresh Spring Rolls were served.  I personally loved how the sweetness of the mangoes balanced with the taste of crisp romaine, grilled chicken, walnuts and grapes. The dill dressing made the salad more enticing. Truly a recipe with love on top!

Oliva Bistro Cafe5

Signature Dish: Chef’s Wife Salad (P195.00)

Oliva Bistro Cafe 4

Vietnamese Fresh Spring Rolls (P145.00)

Oliva Bisto Cafe is very proud to serve one of their house specialties, the Roti Prata with Curry Sauce. Roti Prata, literally meaning flat bread, which is served with vegetarian curry sauce, is a common Singaporean dish. Well, this was the first time I tasted one and I liked the texture of the bread. The curry sauce matched so well that it kept me wanting to eat more. A must try when you decide to visit!

Oliva Bistro Cafe 6

Roti Prata with Curry Sauce (P80.00)