Nokia N9 Media Launch Last November 9



When In Manila and you are waiting for Nokia to release their super sexy phone packed with Meego goodness in the Philippines… Then When In Manila is happy to tell you that your wait is over because last November 9, 2011, inside the luxurious Salon de Ning, at Manila Peninsula… Nokia showed off to the media how awesome the Nokia N9 is.




The latest flagship of Nokia sports a very lightweight polycarbonate body that feels very sturdy yet comfortable to hold… it feels as if its whole body is rubberized. Up front the screen is made out of Corning Gorilla Glass but unlike other screens in the market, the N9’s screen is curved which complements its rounded design, the glass feels as if it is part of the polycarbonate body giving you a sense of continuity on its sides.




The overall performance is very fluid, with that said even though it is only powered by a 1Ghz Cortex A8 processor, it pars with dual-core phones thanks to the efficiency of the Meego OS. You would also notice that the phone doesn’t have any buttons except for the power buttons and volume rocker, that is because the Nokia N9 is manipulated using Swipe, this is done by swiping across the screen be it from any side, this either closes apps or minimizes them for multitasking.



On the hardware innovation part. The Nokia N9 is one of the first devices to have NFC (Near Field Communications) capability, with it pairing and sharing with other NFC enabled devices are easily done by tapping both devices against each other. Nokia also made the Nokia N9’s antenna better than what the competition currently offers, the reason for this is that the polycarbonate body causes less interference to the reception. Nokia also equipped the Nokia N9 with an 8mp Carl Zeiss camera that could autofocus while shooting 1080p videos, plus you get an aperture of 2.2f which provides better shots on low settings. While the iPhone has a Retina display and the Galaxy S2 has a Super Amoled, the Nokia N9 counters with a very eye catching display technology called Clear Black, this is an Amoled display variant that emphasizes the color black resulting in really vivid/eye popping displays.




Nokia really made an exceptional phone with the Nokia N9, combining excellent hardware design in its sexy unibody + curved gorilla glass, awesome innovation with NFC and remarkable antenna plus you get an unique interaction with the device using Swipe. Overall, you get the everything that you could ask for in a smartphone with the Nokia N9… need I say more?



So next time When In Manila, do check out Nokia stores for the Nokia N9… available in the Philippine market this coming November 21, 2011 at a cost of around 24990 Php for the 16gb model and 29950 Php for the 64gb model. Oh and do wait for our review of the Nokia N9 coming soon.


N9’s Official Website

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Nokia N9 Media Launch Last November 9

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