Nokia Maps Challenge: A Race Through Ayala

When In Manila and lost without a clue where to go, why not open your Nokia Maps and let your Nokia phone guide the way?


How far can a mobile phone go? From just being a means of communication, mobile phones have evolved to a multi-functional device that provides information, entertainment, business-related apps, and social networking. But, Nokia took its smartphones to a higher level as these can be your personal navigation whenever and wherever you go with its preloaded maps that are available offline!


Last week, Elijah and I got to try out just how good the Nokia Maps were as we took on Nokia’s AYALA MAPS CHALLENGE and raced through the streets of Ayala with 11 other bloggers! There were 5 different points we needed to get to and we needed to get to them quick!


We started off at Café Mary Grace in Greenbelt 2 and had no idea what lie ahead! Before the challenge itself began, we were first introduced to Nokia Maps.





Nokia Maps: Offline Navigation


So one of the best things about the Nokia Maps is that it’s pre-loaded on the several Nokia smartphones, hence, we can check our maps no matter where we are.


Besides just searching for street names, Nokia Maps enables offline search with its available points of interest (POIs) too.


Nokia Maps also offers offline rerouting and on-device navigation voices. Plus, these voice-guided turn-by-turn navigation are available for over 110 countries and in 70 languages!




To date, Nokia Drive, with a full offline experience, is available for Nokia Lumia, Nokia N9, and Nokia Belle smartphones. Even the Nokia N95, introduced in 2007 has offline navigation.


Non-Nokia users can also visit https://maps.nokia.com from their mobile browser and discover cached maps available offline for their phones.


Nokia Maps: The Ayala Map Challenge

After that quick briefing, off we went around Ayala searching for the 5 hotspots 1 clue at a time!


We went from Greenbelt 2 to Glorietta’s Hard Rock Café, then raced to the Ayala Museum then to Ayala Triangle… whoooo!! Just thinking about it makes me feel so tired again!



At the underpass racing to find the statue of Magellan



Fellow bloggers asking help from tourists for the photos!




Elijah and I at the last destination above McDonald’s parking lot! SOOOOOOooooo tired!!!



After we finished visiting all 5 hotspots, we raced back to Café Mary Grace, hoping we would make it to at least 3rd place! Unfortunately, we got there a little too late! We were 4th! Argh! haha Congrats to the winners though who each bagged a new Nokia cellphone!




1st place: Lumia 900, 2nd place: Nokia Pureview 808, 3rd place: Lumia 800




When In Manila, explore the city and discover new sights with your built-in NOKIA MAPS!




About Nokia

Nokia is a global leader in mobile communications whose products have become an integral part of the lives of people around the world. Every day, more than 1.3 billion people use their Nokia to capture and share experiences, access information, find their way or simply to speak to one another. Nokia’s technological and design innovations have made its brand one of the most recognized in the world.


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