No Limits KFB Farm Resort: A Great Choice for a Relaxing Getaway

Tired of the usual 9-5 routine? Want to go somewhere relaxing where you can enjoy Mother Nature to the fullest? Check out No Limits KFB Farm Resort in Alitagtag, Batangas.

KFB is one of the most visited relaxing places near Mt. Maculot. If you love the color green, you’ll definitely love it here. Owned by husband and wife Roger and Liezeil Adaya, this farm resort boasts of green landscapes, abundant trees, and the ultimate farm life. If you want to try something in Batangas aside from Masasa Beach, you’ve come to the right place! Here’s why.

They have a treehouse and a nipa hut.

no limits kfb farm resort

Treehouse lovers rejoice! No Limits KFB Farm Resort offers treehouse accommodations. It’s perfect for a barkada getaway or a romantic staycation. On the other hand, you can also book a nipa hut (kubo) that’s around 10 meters above ground. Both the treehouse and nipa hut have their own kitchen, bedroom, balcony, bathroom, and dining area. The only difference between the two (aside from the tree) is that the treehouse has a wider balcony. You’ll even be surprised to find that the bathroom has its own bidet. Pretty cool, huh?

If you’re interested, make sure you book early because the farm only has one nipa hut and one treehouse at Php1,800 each . Beddings, towel, and soap are included.

There are tipi huts.

no limits kfb farm resort

Aside from the nipa hut and the treehouse, there are cute tipi huts at the farm. At a rate of Php1,200, you’ll be given beddings, a towel, and soap. Unlike the nipa hut and the treehouse, the tipi huts have a common bathroom and a common kitchen which are only a few meters away.

Camping is allowed.

no limits kfb farm resort

If you love to go camping, why not do it in the middle of a 5-hectare farm? No Limits KFB Farm Resort allows you to set up your own tents for only Php350 per person per night. If you prefer a semi-glamping experience, the farm resort can also lend you a tent with beddings and bathroom essentials for only Php400 per person per night.

You can harvest eggs and fruits for free.

no limits kfb farm resort

True to its name, the farm resort provides the ultimate farm experience of getting eggs directly from the poultry. The best part? You can wake up early to go watch the chickens bring out the eggs.

Aside from the eggs, there are also fruits like rambutan and santol that you can get for free. I had the chance to climb the rambutan and pick a few ripe ones. Aaah. It reminds of my childhood.

They have mini pools.

no limits kfb farm resort

Yup. You read that right! Inside the farm, there are two mini pools where you can swim when it gets too hot. Where else can you enjoy nature at its best while dipping into the pool?

They offer trekking tours to Taal Lake.

no limits kfb farm resort

Since Alitagtag is near Taal Lake, you can trek for 30 minutes to an hour to go to Taal Lake from the farm resort. Once there, you can rent a bamboo raft and enjoy the water. You can even see Tagaytay and the Rockies of Mt. Maculot from there.

It’s a great place for team buildings.

no limits kfb farm resort

Not only is the farm resort great for family outings and romantic getaways, it’s also wide enough to accommodate team building activities. There’s a volleyball net that you can use. There are grilling stations, a common area with a karaoke station, and obstacle courses set up around the farm. Plus, if you want to play some games, do it the No Limits KFB Farm Resort way. Play catch the pig in the mud pen or catch the hen.

no limits kfb farm resort

Tips and Reminders

  • Do not litter. This is a farm resort, not a garbage dumping area. Always put your trash in the garbage can.
  • The karaoke is free, so sing to your heart’s content, but be mindful of other visitors. Don’t sing late at night when others are sleeping.
  • Wear proper footwear when trekking to Taal. The path is slippery and steep.
  • Buy all the things and ingredients you need from the market including salt and oil.
  • There are dogs in the area. No need to be afraid of them, they’re really friendly. However, be sure to lock your gates in the treehouse and the nipa hut. They like going up there.
  • Bonfires are allowed.
  • For the best views, book the nipa hut.
  • For a more private location, book the treehouse.

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