5 Reasons Why Masasa Beach Should Be Your Next Vacation Getaway

Tucked in the small island of Tingloy, Masasa Beach is a pure paradise just two hours away from the city. Masasa may not be your typical Boracay beach that is full of life during the night though, but that’s what makes it perfect.

Here are five of the reasons why you should consider Masasa for your next getaway plan.

5. It’s a snorkeling paradise

Being near the Verde passage which is termed as the “Center of Marine Life,” expect that Masasa beach is rich in marine life. The place boasts of fishes that come in different shapes, sizes, and colors, colorful coral reefs, and numerous pawikans. Once in a while, when you’re just lazing around the beach, look at the water, and you will see small fishes playing around—schools of fishes, and even jumping fishes. I’ve never seen a place so full of life.

To get the most of Masasa, I highly recommend renting a boat and going on a snorkeling adventure. The rate is at 100 pesos per head with snorkeling gear, life vests, and boat transfers included. One boat has a maximum capacity of five persons.

4. You can go check out nearby beaches and islands

Near Tingloy Island where Masasa Beach is located, lies Sombrero Island, Sepoc Beach, caves, Tawil Rock Formations and more. Reach these places by availing of the island hopping packages offered by Masasa’s boatmen. Island hopping is at 1,500 pesos with snorkeling gears, life vests, and boat hire included. One boat can only accommodate a maximum of five people.

3. Masasa offers the best of an island experience

Transients, kubos, and tents are your choices for accommodation in Masasa. There are no fancy resorts here. You truly get a sneak peek of island life. When I say island life, I mean no wild parties at night, no bars, restaurants, and fancy amenities—only the island experience at its best. Masasa beach only offers you the sun, sand, and sea in all its untouched glory.

2. There are a lot of activities to choose from

By a lot of activities, these are not the banana-shaped inflated balloons that boats drag around costing hundreds of pesos, nor is it about jet skiing or those water activities all other beaches have in common. What makes Masasa beach different from the rest is its abundance of attractions that offer tons of activities. From hiking the so-called “Mag-asawang Bato,” swimming in natural pools, cliff jumping at the Tawil Rock, getting amazed at the Rock Formations, camping, snorkeling, island hopping, kayaking and so much more, Masasa beach boasts of natural attractions that are all worth it.

1. It has hospitable islanders

I’ve been to Masasa Beach twice, and during those times, I stayed and camped at Nanay Rosie Kubo and Transients. The amount of hospitality the people show is something that would make one want to come back or, at times, never leave. If you’re looking for an excellent place to stay, check out Nanay Rosie’s—they are the best at keeping their customers satisfied and at home.

Now, get your vacation leave approved and start planning your next getaway in Masasa. Don’t forget only to leave footprints. Take your trash with you. Be a responsible traveler.

Have you been to Masasa Beach, too? Tell us what you think about the place in the comments section!


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