New Carnapping Modus: Pepper Spray Saves the Day

Sometimes, robbers break into locked cars to steal the items inside while the owners aren’t in it. However, there are also others who are set out to steal the actual car – whether the owner is in it or not. Read about this new modus that Prince McCoy Imperial experienced and wrote about on Facebook:

Rough translation: “Just wanna share that there is a new modus out there. I was driving to Mindanao Ave when a White Forester suddenly came really close to my car. I paid it no mind at first, but once the traffic got worse, a girl knocked and said I was too close to their car. I got angry because they were the ones closing in to my car in the first place, so why was she the angry one? After that, two guys who looked like addicts got out of the car asking for a fight; but when I got out, I heard the door at the passenger seat open. It’s a good thing my friend gave me pepper spray, so when I sprayed it at one of them, they all ran away. I almost got carnapped. Thanks, Joy. If you hadn’t given me this spray, my day would have been ruined.”

Have you ever experienced anything similar before? Share your stories with us, so we can warn others, as well!

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