Robbers Break in Locked Car and Steal Several Items

Robbers desperate for cash would try just about anything to get ahead. Some would take anything and everything they could lay their hands on, even things we feel aren’t as important. Unfortunately, several have learned that the hard way.

Zaldy P. shares his experience on Facebook.

Car-Items-Stolen (02)

“Warning to everyone, especially to those from the South or traveling via SLEX.

Nabuksan po ang kotse namin kagabi at nanakaw ang ilang personal na gamit. Nangyari ito sa Caltex SLEX (southbound), bago mag Sta. Rosa Exit.

Ayon sa mga pulis, panglima na kaming nabiktima sa area na ito.

Nakuha po sa amin ay 2 bags, laptop, and some personal belongings.

Kung sakaling may makapansin po ng mga items na nasa photos, paki inform lang po ako sa FB or call (02) 338-5599 loc 506 or pakireport po sa police.”

Car-Items-Stolen (01)

Accodring to Zaldy, the incident happened at around 9:30pm. His car was parked yet robbers who may have spotted a bag inside decided to break the window and take it. Though there was security roaming around, they were not able to catch the robbers red handed.

Car-Items-Stolen (03)

This modus is not something new, several have already shared stories similar to this in the past. I personally have friends who left nothing more than a GYM BAG filled with stinky clothes and still fell victim to this modus.

Let this serve as a reminder to everyone to refrain from leaving bags and other belongings in the car. If you really need to, the trunk might be a better option.

Has something like this ever happened to you? Do share your story so we may warn others.