Netizen Speaks: “Please stop bullying other candidates.”

Bullying is becoming ubiquitous here, especially, online.

Ideally, there’s a difference between, “freedom of speech” and “hate speech.” But, since we are just a few days from the upcoming elections, solid fans of the presidential candidates have always something to say, to the point of allegedly “mocking” them.

As a matter of fact, I came across this picture of Mar Roxas in Hong Kong, sitting in the corner – looked like he was waiting or tired – or to some, looked “bullied.”

Mar Roxas in Hong Kong

Once again, we do not own this photo. This photo has been everywhere online. Thousands, if not, millions have shared this photo. If YOU are the owner, please let us know, so we can credit you accordingly. Thank you, nevertheless.

Going back, this photo became viral. In fact, one Netizen shared it online and thought to use it to speak her mind.

She said:

Please take time to read this.

This is Mar in Hongkong..
Honestly, I pity him and almost in tears as I stare at this picture..
This was taken during the “Tapatan campaign rally ROXAS Vs. DUTERTE.”
Thousands of overseas filipino workers attended and participate in the said rally, but almost all of them were in favor of DUTERTE.

Mar Roxas indeed got 20% out of 100%.

Look at him, notice his pale and tired look, the expression of his face was so pure and simple, yet you can feel the sadness in his eyes and smile..

I can feel him here..

He knows that his opponent got the heart of almost all OFW, but he had to, and must try to atleast get sympathy from the few.
I know he was hurt by the situation, and was like slapping his face over and over upon watching and hearing duterte supporters cheering and shouting for DUTERTE’s name on the other side.

Yes, he just got what he deserve when he turned his back and once told that he doesn’t need votes from OFW’s.

But I think this is too much and going too far..

Anyway, this won’t change my mind!
I am solid Duterte!

But I am asking fellow Duterte Supporters to please stop bullying other candidates.
We already knew how powerful Mayor Digong is..
There’s no need to put other candidates in shame.

What she said is already common – the advocacy of “no to bullying” (other candidates).


Her appeal to everyone is synonymous to Parokya Ni Edgar lead vocals Chito Miranda. Chito said he is solid Duterte. However, his friends support Binay (for Gloc 9) and Ramon for Mar Roxas. He mentioned that they may have different opinions, but friendship wins. Most importantly, they RESPECT each other.

Read the full story here.

It Takes Two to Tango

I later realized that these authorities, who are currently serving our administration wouldn’t be running the show if we didn’t let them. In short, we, too, are at fault because we voted for them. We believe that the “person” has the ability to manage the nation.

Interestingly, we can change this. Just like the saying goes, “it takes two to tango.” This coming election, we must do our part as well, in choosing our new set of leaders next year.

And one thing I’m sure of, that a massive change couldn’t be done overnight. It is, however, doable if we do change our leadership style, one move at a time.

Aren’t we supposed to be UNITED as ONE to become a better country? Aren’t we supposed to vote for the better?

If we don’t show solidarity and respect each other as early as now, what’s gonna happen to us? Our children?

Genuinely, this article is neither for PRO-Duterte, Anti-Duterte, PRO-Mar Roxas, nor Binay, POE, etc… Not even close. This is clearly a trending topic that deals with our current events.

Pray before you vote. God Help Our Nation.

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