Queen Pia Speaks Out Against Cyberbullying

Leave it to Queen Pia to battle against cyberbullying!

The reigning Miss Universe has been in the news for choosing HIV/AIDS awareness as her main advocacy, but it seems that she’s adding one more goal in her to-do list: speak out and educate people on cyberbullying.

Local reports say that Queen Pia is still looking for established organizations who can help her in raising awareness and education on cyberbullying.

Pia Wurtzbach

It seems that Pia would know a thing or two about cyberbullying. She herself was the recipient of it last year, after the shocking crowning moment during the Miss Universe pageant. However, she also knows that it goes the other way around: some of her staunchest supporters have gone online to bash Miss Germany Sarah Lorraine-Riek after her controversial comments on Pia’s win, as well as Miss Colombia, seen as Pia’s rival for the crown.

According to Pia:

“Even to Filipinos, I hope they will not react to the bashers online. There is no need to respond. You don’t have to necessarily react… I mean, yeah, it’s cyberbullying because they were cyberbullying me. But then it’s also considered bullying if everybody flocks to attack the person.”

As the social media capital of the world, this seems like a sensible advocacy to take on!

What are your thoughts on Pia adding cyberbullying as one of her advocacies?

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