AI is Great, But We Still Prefer Human Connection – Here’s Why

Technology has seen huge advancements in recent years with Artificial Intelligence (AI) in particular showing massive leaps and bounds. Without a doubt, AI offers a lot of benefits in various sectors, including automation, data analysis, and even customer service. However, we still think that nothing beats human connection.

While AI is a great tool in helping to make our jobs easier, humans are capable of understanding, empathy, reasoning, and wit – all of which are appreciated, if not essential, in many areas of work.

GoTyme Bank AI

When it comes to banking, for example, we’d prefer to talk to a human being who we can fully explain our situations to and who can fully understand the frustrations that we go through. Amid the digitalization of banking services nowadays, GoTyme Bank doubles down on the importance of personal connection in their latest brand campaign – and we absolutely love it.

This multimedia push perfectly illustrates just how valuable human touch is in today’s day and age. In fact, that’s why GoTyme Bank’s customer service remains un-digitalized. It’s their most important touchpoint in building meaningful relationships with their clients.

Since its launch in October 2022, GoTyme Bank—a joint venture between the Gokongwei Group and Tyme Group, a Singaporean digital banking group focused on emerging markets—has kept to its promise of next-level banking by providing products and services that help Filipinos unlock their financial potential.

In less than two years, GoTyme Bank successfully breached the 3 million customer mark, thanks to their consistent focus on human banking. It is actually the first in the Philippines with a “phygital” model, seamlessly blending the convenience of digital technology and human-led touchpoints in its operations.

GoTyme Bank Call

When you open an account with GoTyme Bank, more than 900 ambassadors are available at kiosks in key areas all around the country to help you out with the process. In a world of automated responses, you can also easily (and quickly!) get in touch with their human personal bankers 24/7 via call, email, or social media. GoTyme Bank actually promises that you will get to speak directly with a human being – no annoying chatbots or call menus.

GoTyme Bank’s campaign revolves around the belief that “the more digital the world becomes, the more human a bank needs to be,” showcasing their full commitment to being a human digital bank. Co-CEO Albert Tinio adds, “At the core of human banking is communication, building connections, and solving issues. Our promise is to provide you with the best customer service: a banking experience deeply rooted in empathy, care, and human excellence.”

GoTyme Bank beautifully showcases this in their short film, “The Lonely Bot”, where Roboto searches for someone he can have a real connection with. The film is emotionally-charged and insightful, highlighting the need for human connection amidst a world of rapid technological advancement.

Watch GoTyme Bank’s short film “The Lonely Bot” here:

What are your thoughts on AI and human connections? Share your opinions with us.

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