Diablo Immortal Unveils New Tempest Class—Here’s What to Look Forward to

Diablo Immortal’s upcoming eighth class, the Tempest, rides in on waves and wind on May 23! To ready the community and batten the hatches, a Dev Insights video has been published on the Tempest, letting the floodgates open on class features.

Diablo Immortal new tempest class

Photo: Diablo Immortal


  • SCULPTED BY THE STORM: Tempests are warrior-priests who have mastered controlling wind and water. The Tempest is a dynamic, highly mobile class that utilizes a combination of quick melee attacks, ranged knife-tipped whips that channel wind and water, AOE attacks and their projected Zephyrs.
  • ZEPHYR SUMMONS: A passive skill unique to the Tempest summons projected Zephyrs to fight alongside players. These minions mirror the class abilities, and act on a cooldown, offering more versatility for this movement-based class.
  • CLASS INTRO QUEST: North of the Dreadlands, the once-mighty empire of Pelghain lies battered by endless storms. Players will take the role of a Tempest warrior, embarking on a mission to rescue an island from encroaching mists.
    • Paragon Rework: The Paragon System has been simplified, making it easier to understand and more flexible to players’ ideal fantasies. Players will retain ALL progress made on the Paragons so far, and can now choose any combination of 15 skills per Paragon tree.