Capture the Most Beautiful Moments With the HUAWEI Pura 70

When things start to become a bit “too much”, I usually dip into my savings to head to the beach for some much-needed rest and relaxation. It’s the only place where the Philippine heat becomes a bit bearable, after all. Match the sun with the calming waves and good company, and a day or two is more than enough to make me feel better.

My recent trip wasn’t just about laughing and soaking up the sun though. Armed with the HUAWEI Pura 70, I was eager to capture every unforgettable moment and translate Boracay’s beauty into stunning memories that would last.

HUAWEI Pura 70 Phone

Photo by Angeline Rodriguez

What is the HUAWEI Pura 70?

Never heard of Pura before? You’re probably not alone.

More than a decade ago now, HUAWEI launched its first HUAWEI P Series smartphone which we have all come to love. The HUAWEI P Series has always pushed the boundaries of mobile imaging and aesthetic design… but even great things have space to evolve.

Welcome to the new era of the HUAWEI P Series: the upgraded HUAWEI Pura Series. Just like its predecessor, this series aims to make the impossible possible by providing a better photographic experience while looking ultra-fashionable at the same time.

The rebrand is definitely in line with the premium and fashionable color and look of the HUAWEI Pura 70; and yes, I got to try it.

HUAWEI Pura 70 Specs

  • Dimensions: 157.6 x 74.3 x 7.95 mm
  • Weight: 207g
  • Display: 6.6“, 2760 x 1256, 1-120Hz, 2500 nits peak brightness, supports HDR Vivid
  • Main Camera: 50MP Ultra Lighting Camera (F1.4~F4.0 aperture,OIS), 13MP Ultra-Wide Angle Camera (F2.2 aperture,OIS), 12MP Telephoto Camera (F3.4 aperture,OIS)
  • Selfie Camera: 13MP Selfie Camera (Wide Angle,F2.4)
  • Battery: 4900 mAh
  • Fast Charge: HUAWEI SuperCharge (MAX 66W), Wireless HUAWEI SuperCharge (MAX 50W)
  • Memory: 12+256

HUAWEI Pura 70 Review

Aside from the phone’s vivid pink color that captured the attention of practically everyone I was with on my trip, the camera is also perfect for every social media-loving individual out there.

While I’m not exactly a fast-action type of gal, I do love sports so witnessing some beach football action while we were in Boracay was a blast. It also allowed me to test out the HUAWEI Pura 70’s ability to capture dynamic action. And can I just say, “Wow”?

HUAWEI Pura 70 Football

Photo by Angeline Rodriguez

That football was moving so quickly through the air and yet it was still so clearly captured with the HUAWEI Pura 70.

HUAWEI Pura 70 Football Kick

Photo by Angeline Rodriguez

Even the sand is beautifully captured mid-kick!

How does this work? Well, the HUAWEI Pura 70 uses a cutting-edge algorithm that captures two photos at different exposure times at the same time and then merges them together to create the final product. This ensures crisp shots even when people or objects are moving quickly.

With the HUAWEI Pura 70, you can capture even the most fleeting moments in your life that you can fondly look back on in the future. Just imagine the possibilities of taking crisp and clear photos of your makulit na kids and hyper pets. It’s time to say goodbye to blurry shots forever!

Honestly, the response time of the phone truly surprised me. I can easily open up the camera and capture moments on the fly… like when my friends start acting silly after drinking and I want to take some blackmail photos for later.

HUAWEI Pura 70 Bar Swing

Photo by Angeline Rodriguez

This was taken while she was swinging on a swing in a dimly lit bar using the HUAWEI Pura 70.

For a point of comparison, here is a photo taken from another high-end phone on the same night:

20240504 225648

Photo taken with a non-HUAWEI phone

This just goes to show how well the HUAWEI Pura 70 works in low-light conditions. Unlike other phones, it can brighten areas without overexposing them, give more detail to dark areas, and the colors are closer to real life too.

HUAWEI Pura 70 Bartender

Photo by Angeline Rodriguez

So clear, you’d think I was shooting in daylight.

Even just in general, taking portraits with the HUAWEI Pura 70 is an absolute joy because of the natural detail that its True-to-Life Portrait brings out. This photo was actually taken with the front camera but I feel like it looks like it’s a rear camera shot:

As for the rear camera, it does its job there beautifully as well, perfectly blurring out the background and delivering crisp images even in 2x and 5x zoom:

HUAWEI Pura 70 Coffee

Photo by Syrena Rodriguez

Removing unwanted people or objects from your photos is a breeze with the HUAWEI Pura 70’s AI editing tool, Photo Retouch. All you have to do is click on Edit and then swipe your finger across the unwanted objects to get rid of them for a more flawless finished product:


Photo by Angeline Rodriguez

Of course, this review wouldn’t be complete without testing out the HUAWEI Pura 70’s Ultra Lighting Macro Telephoto Camera. With the largest aperture in periscope telephoto cameras, you can now magnify objects to capture its most intricate details. I was told it’s ideal for use on jewelry, insects, and flowers; but as a foodie, I decided to try it on food. :p

Say hi to the donut!

HUAWEI Pura 70 Donut

Photo by Angeline Rodriguez

And then say hi to the sugar on the donut!

HUAWEI Pura 70 Sugar

Photo by Angeline Rodriguez

Most importantly, the HUAWEI Pura 70 is the perfect phone for traveling because it can capture any scenery in all of its beauty. I swear when I was looking back at these photos, I felt like I was being transported back to the beach. The accurate color reproduction that the phone achieves captured exactly how things looked while I was there and I’m so glad I brought this phone with me to commemorate it.

HUAWEI Pura 70 Palm Trees

Photo by Angeline Rodriguez

Now, I don’t need to keep escaping the city. I can just look back at my photos and pretend I’m there. As they say, delulu is the solulu.

HUAWEI Pura 70 Ocean

Photo by Angeline Rodriguez

What’s more, even under the intense glare of the sun at the beach (which is an issue all over the Philippines in general, really), with 2500 nits peak brightness, I could still see the screen clearly without having to shade the phone from the sun in just the right angle.

All that aside, you can download all of your favorite apps hassle-free through the HUAWEI App Gallery as well. So happy I got to download and watch an episode of Queen of Tears on Netflix on the way to the beach!

The beauty of the camera features aside, I also need to mention the HUAWEI EMUI 14.2 software system which provides a convenient and smooth user experience. It offers themes that follow your eyes on the screen and also comes with ultra-cool AI Gesture Control so you can scroll through content just by waving your hands – so convenient for when you’re cooking, have dirty hands from eating (food is life), or are just feeling lazy. You can also wave your hand to take a screenshot! 

The HUAWEI Pura 70, HUAWEI Pura 70 Pro, and HUAWEI Pura 70 Ultra are now available for pre-order until May 30, 2024.

Pre-order now and get a DJI OSMO Mobile 6 worth Php7,000 as well as the Freebuds Pro 2 (worth Php9,999). You can also get 10, 000 trade-in tokens (maximum trade-in value of Php23,195) when you trade in your old smartphone for the new HUAWEI Pura 70 Series. Installments are also available for credit cards (up to 24 months) and home credit cards (up to 18 months).