stop cyber bullying


When in Manila, one must always keep in mind that words are very, very powerful. They can build someone up, but just as easily, they can tear you down. In high school, I fell victim to bullies who’d tell me to go back to Canada, called me Canadian Dust, they’d make fun of my accent, and would turn off the lights in the classroom, surround me, and would shine flash lights in my face. It was terrifying, fortunately for me though, my bullying was confined to a group of immature high school girls and was easily resolved once I informed my older brother of the situation.


Nowadays, bullying has been taken to a whole new level, has become more aggressive and is more terrifying than ever, case in point, cyber bullying. With cyber bullying, the victim is not only at the mercy of the instigator, but is also at the mercy of thousands of other people across the country (and even the world), who, more often than not, choose to partake in such childish antics. Furthermore, with old school bullying, you’d be bullied in school, but would then be able to go back to the safety of your home. With cyber bullying, you could be at home, school, the mall, church, your grandma’s place, as long as you’re connected to the internet, you’re subject to attacks. 


In the United States, the number of suicides committed by children, teens and young adults as a result of cyber bullying has been increasing at an alarming rate thus emphasizing the point that such an issue should not be taken lightly. Currently, a school mate of mine has fallen victim to cyber bullying and as a result, is greatly distressed and traumatized by the situation. An impostor has gotten hold of her photos via Facebook, has created an account under a false name and is posting upsetting wall posts, thus subjecting my school mate to a tirade of angry reactions from people who don’t know any better . If you’ve come across articles regarding an “Angie Marie Ligot” stating that she hates being a Filipino and etc., please be informed that it is a HOAX and that the young lady in the pictures displayed in https://www.facebook.com/uap.pride is not responsible for any of the posts. In fact, please click here for the TRUTH behind the scam. 


In the Philippines, several lawmakers are urging their “fellow members of the House of Representatives to support the pending anti-cyber bullying bill as an additional protection for Filipinos in the cyberspace… The bill aims to deter, prosecute, and eliminate cyber-bullies from the cyber world and ‘create a culture of free and unfettered exchange of information, opinions and ideas based on mutual respect and sensitivity towards the feelings of others…’ Covered by the proposed anti-cyber bullying bill are electronic devices that include telephones, and mobile phones, computers, laptops and tablets, or any other device, tool or implement that may be developed for instant messaging, text messaging, chatting, emailing, video chatting, interaction in social networking websites, and other virtual interaction.” Read full story here


However, until “Anti-Cyber Bullying Act of 2011” is passed, I am praying that many, if not all of you, will take it upon yourselves to be more discerning of posts that you read on Facebook, and to make sure that the person who presumably posted it, is really said individual and is not an impostor. Also, please be responsible netizens and be mindful of the things you say when choosing to respond to such bogus posts, because after all, not only do your words and behavior destroy an innocent person’s feelings and reputation, but it destroys you too. Better yet, do yourself one better and opt to not partake in such affairs and instead report such incidents to the proper authorities. I SAY NO TO CYBER BULLYING AND I HOPE THAT YOU DO TOO.