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Nekkid Beauty Organic Skincare


It is a little known fact that I happen to be a huge bath junkie. I am absolutely obsessed with the overwhelming assortment of bath soaps, scrubs, lotions, and bath gels and salts available to girls like me, and try to find any excuse or opportunity to splurge on such. And I’m especially happy to discover that local entrepreneurs seem to agree on me on this one! Every day I’m discovering a new skincare line sold on Instagram, each with an interesting new balm, oil or scrub I’d love to try. A particular line I’ve zeroed in on is homegrown brand Nekkid Beauty. (Words and photos by Alessi Brugada) 



With their assortment of soaps, scrubs, oils and balms, Nekkid Beauty’s mission is to make you look (and feel!) good naked. I couldn’t agree more; you’ll only live in one layer of skin your entire life, so why not give it the utmost care it deserves? What sets them apart from other brands is that Nekkid applies the “oil cleansing” method, which may raise eyebrows for some, but is actually based on actual science! Most of their products include natural essential oils that are known to gently cleanse the skin and balance its oil levels.


 Nekkid Exfoliating Creamy Body Srub in Chocolate, 250 grams – PHP 350.00


Their Exfoliating Creamy Body Scrub in Chocolate is composed of a yummy combination of Cocoa Butter, Almond Oil, Coconut Oil and other natural ingredients that sound good enough to eat! This product contains a substantial amount of oils to ensure that your skin is cleaned and moisturized even after scrubbing. Bonus points for the delectable chocolatey scent!


 Nekkid Unscented Cleansing Cream, 200 grams – PHP 350.00


Nekkid’s gentle Cleansing Cream similarly contains a variety of oils to effectively remove dirt and impurities from the face without stripping it of its natural moisture. This product is a luxurious emulsion of beeswax, vitamin E oil, aloe vera gel and other ingredients that is surprisingly light as fluffy whipped cream. Just apply on a face full of make-up on a lazy night and wipe off! Although it sure was weird to skip the rinsing and lathering part, this product left my skin feeling soft, supple and clean.


 Nekkid Oatmeal and Chamomile Tea Mudmask, 100 grams – PHP 400.00 


My face felt squeaky clean after trying Nekkid’s Oatmeal and Chamomile Tea Mudmask. It contains Bentonite Clay which absorbs toxins, heavy metals and impurities when mixed with water, Chamomile oil, Vitamin E and colloidal oatmeal. The powdery mixture is combined with milk or water, turning it into a paste that is applied as a face pack and left to sit until it hardens. For more detailed instructions on application, check this out:–chamomile-tea-mud-mask-face-mask.html

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