Namnam Comfort Filipino: Appetizing the Pinoy Palate

WhenInManila and craving for Filipino Comfort Food, we found one of the best place to entice your palate. Namnam, short for Malinamnam in tagalog which means flavorful, is a new Filipino restaurant in Greenbelt Makati, catering the pinoy panlasa (taste).


namnam 4


Moment Group is a network of restaurants, established by three friends, Jon Syjuco, Eliza Antonino, and Abba Napa. They also manage ‘Cue Modern Barbeque and Burger Bar. Namnam is their latest restaurant focusing on Filipino cuisine with a twist.


Namnam 3


Namnam Comfort Filipino offers three different serving sizes. Small for people who wants to go solo, Medium for dates or sharing and Large for family sharing or you just need to have more. This option is great for yuppies who just want to have a quick bite for lunch and dinner.