Namnam Comfort Filipino: Appetizing the Pinoy Palate

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The ambiance is very modern but classy. The teal color makes the contrasting effect from the neutral tones of the restaurant. You might find this place very high end just because of the location and being an eye candy but surprisingly the prices are so affordable that you may be able to dine here everyday. 

Namnam 1


I would like to thank Ms Carissa Villanueva for being a great host to us. To my friend Chef Daryl Sy for the wonderful invitation. And to my photographer friend Richard Espiritu for taking the pictures while I enjoy the food in an awesome bliss.

Try Namnam Comfort Filipino if you are visiting Greenbelt 2 and experience Filipino dining with a good twist.





Level 1 Greenbelt 2, Greenbelt Ext, Makati, Philippines

0917-5399661; (02) 6250515


Store Hours: 11am to11pm


Namnam Filipino Comfort: Appetizing the Pinoy Palate


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