If sushi is nacho thing, you’ll love these nacho bakes

Sushi bakes are super trendy nowadays. However, if you aren’t a big sushi fan or are looking for something different to eat as a snack (or even as pulutan!), there’s one kind of bake that you definitely need to check out: the nacho bake. Like the sushi bake, there are various stores that offer this delicious bake, and none of them are really completely alike. Depending on how you like your nachos, in general, here’s a guide to the nacho bakes that you should try:

3 Nacho Bakes You Will Love

If you like your nachos spicy…

Nacho Macho MNL (@nachomacho.mnl)

Photo from Nacho Macho MNL

Nacho Macho MNL was started by two young teenagers, Kelsey (15) and Kelshia (13), with the support and help of their parents. When the lockdown started, they thought of doing something productive to keep themselves busy instead of wasting their time doing nothing. When their mom made them nachos to binge on for their midnight snack one night, their dad suggested turning it into a business. With a 5,000-peso investment, they started their small business – and it is definitely one worth tasting!

Nacho Macho MNL’s nacho bake uses a secret family recipe that is simple yet delicious, and uses nothing but fresh quality ingredients. They don’t use oil, either. Instead, they slow cook the beef until its own oil comes out. If you love jalapeños, you’ll be happy to hear that Nacho Macho’s nacho bake has a generous serving of jalapeños on top. It adds that extra kick that I personally love on my nachos. Nacho Macho’s nacho bake is also keto-friendly and kid-friendly…  just order the one without the jalapeños for the latter because yes, they have that, too. 😉 Watch out for their release of new flavors soon, as well!

If you like your nachos ultra cheesy…

NachoBake (@nachobake)


NachoBake started when the owner’s friends came over one day and they didn’t have any snacks left because of the General Community Quarantine. After her business partner checked out the freezer and pantry, he started whipping something together and served a yummy-looking dish, which he aptly named NachoBake because of the big sushi bake quarantine trend. One bite of this nacho bake, and you will immediately be reminded of the days when everything was normal and we ate nachos at our favorite bars with our friends. NachoBake claims to be the first nacho bake in the market, so you should definitely try it out!

NachoBake’s beef is ultra flavorful because it is cooked with herbs and spices for about three hours. If you love cheese, this is the nacho bake you need to try. It is made with 5-cheese nacho sauce made with real cheese. It also comes with a homemade salsa that you won’t soon forget. If you end up with any leftovers (which I doubt you will), you can store them in the fridge for a week. They will be releasing new flavors soon, too, so stay tuned!

If you like a lot of toppings…

Cecilia’s Gourmet (@cecilias_gourmetmnl)


Photo from Cecilia’s Gourmet

If you like your nachos with a whole bunch of toppings, Cecilia’s Gourmet has the perfect nacho bake for you! With seven whole layers of toppings, you will not run out of deliciousness to taste here. Jamie Gaston started Cecilia’s Gourmet in 2017. They used to sell gourmet tuyo, but then put a hold on the business for other important things. After quarantine started and Jamie posted daily meals on her social media accounts, requests eventually started pouring in and Cecilia’s Gourmet was revived.

Since there are so many layers to this nacho bake, there will be a lot of things going on in your mouth and in your head when you first try it. It may be hard to figure out what to focus on, to be honest; but after my first scoop, I had already decided that my favorite part about this particular nacho bake is the elote (they also sell actual elote separately, by the way!). Every scoop of this bake is almost like an entire meal in itself. Read our full review here.

If you love nachos, then you should definitely order one of these nacho bakes on your next movie night or your next e-numan. You won’t regret it!

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