Cecilia’s Gourmet’s Nacho Bake is Like a Taco… But Better

Sushi bake has been trending for quite a while now, and people still can’t seem to get enough of it. What about the people who aren’t that fond of sushi, though? My mom, for one, isn’t a big sushi fan. However, if you throw some Mexican food her way, she is sure to devour it all… if it tastes good, that is. That’s exactly what she did with Cecilia’s Gourmet’s nacho bake. That’s right. They have a NACHO bake, but we’ll get to that later.

Jamie Gaston started Cecilia’s Gourmet back in 2017, selling gourmet tuyo. Although things started out great, field work and time management caused them to put a hold on their business. When the enhanced community quarantine started, Jamie was one of those home cooks who posted her themed daily meals on my social media. When her boyfriend asked her to prepare a dish for his family one, she decided to make their El Pollo Fiesta. He posted it on his social media, gave a price, and tagged Jamie as the seller. That’s how it all started.

Jamie shares that she posted their El Pollo Fiesta in a Facebook group during quarantine. Soon thereafter, she launched their Elote, which is basically a Mexican street corn snack consisting of cooked sweet corn slathered in a spicy mixture of mayonnaise, crema, chili powder, and cheese.

Cecilias Gourmet Elote

Photo from Cecilia’s Gourmet

Elote (Php100)

If you love corn as much as I do, trust me when I say that Cecilia Gourmet’s Elote will not let you down. It is so flavorful and delicious, you’ll want to order a lot more afterwards. In fact, it proved to be such a huge hit that Jamie has been ordering a sack of fresh corn everyday since they launched!

If you live far from the South, Cecilia’s Gourmet also has a DIY option for their Elote. Jamie also added Horchata to their menu, a plant milk beverage that goes really well with elote.

Cecilias Gourmet Horchata

Photo from Cecilia’s Gourmet

Horchata (Php80)

Their Horchata is best served with ice and a dash of cinnamon and needs to be consumed right away since it only has a shelf life of two days. It is packed with ice during transport to ensure that it says chilled, as well.

And now for the star of the show: their NACHO BAKE!

Cecilias Gourmet Nacho Bake 2

Photo from Cecilia’s Gourmet

Nacho Bake (Php550) – good for 3-4 pax, comes with a 200g of nacho chips

Cecilia’s Gourmet’s Nacho Bake came about when the sushi bake trend started. As much as Jamie wanted to try making a sushi bake of their own, she knew that it wouldn’t match their other Mexican offerings. “So, I thought of creating my favorite snack: nachos,” she exclaims. “The first idea that I had was to add elotes because that’s how I like my nachos.”

The corn is actually my favorite part about their Nacho Bake. The minute I dug in and realized there was corn, I ran to my mom’s room and screamed, “YOU NEED TO TRY THIS.”

Cecilias Gourmet Nacho Bake 1

Photo from Cecilia’s Gourmet

Their Nacho Bake also has a very generous serving of cheese and spices. It has seven layers, guys! SEVEN. Seven delicious layers of cheesy, meaty goodness. It’s almost like a taco… but better. Better because it isn’t messy like a taco. You just need to grab a chip, dip it into the bake, and scoop away. So. Good.

Cecilias Gourmet Nacho Bake 3

Photo from Cecilia’s Gourmet

Cecilia’s Gourmet recommends consuming their products immediately since they arrive fresh and warm. My mother wouldn’t have any of that, though. She made sure she had leftovers for the next day and swears that it still tasted just as good as the first day. Cecilia’s Gourmet provides reheating instructions for that, too, so you can still enjoy it the day after.

Cecilia’s Gourmet delivers via Lalamove, Grab, and MrSpeedy. If you are looking for delicious Mexican comfort food that doesn’t scrimp on the ingredients and is well worth the money, make sure to order from Cecilia’s Gourmet either for yourself or for a loved one.

Cecilia’s Gourmet

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ceciliasgourmetMNL

Instagram: @cecilias_gourmetmnl

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